Monday, January 24, 2011

What would Angie do?

If you were Angie how would you spend your pre-race Saturday?

I stated with a lazy morning of coffee and facebook.  Perfect!

Then went to let Cyn's magic hands rub on my hammy!  Very nice!  Sorry I did not get a pic to share.  Cyn, can we do a model shoot during my session next time?

Then we met the parents for lunch at Sonny Bryan's BBQ.  I did some carb loading with my baked potato.

My daddy munchin' on the wolds largest onion ring!

My beautiful momma and me.  What the heck was up with my hair?

Trent smokin' some celery.

The adorable Audrie

When we got home we watched True Grit.

It was actually very good.

Then the lovely (and possibly a bit inebriated) Cheri called to see if we wanted to hang around the fire pit in her backyard.  After telling her I had an early bedtime and could not drink she called me a few choice words.

Cheri and Brittany by the fire.

Little Brittany and her mommy Gloria

Don't be jealous of my wild and crazy life!  I was in bed by 10:00pm and up by 5:30am to get ready to run!  A pretty darn good weekend if I do say so myself!

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