Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you want Salt on that pretzel?

Workout:  Venti Non Fat Vanilla Latte. That's right, we went to Starbucks instead of running!

Do you do yoga? 

My old bones are starting to ache a lot, and I think I need more stretching and core strength!  I love yoga but can't find a class that fits my schedule.  So without yoga I guess I won't ever learn to do this....

However,I did find a pilates class that will work.  I have never done pilates, but hear it is a great core workout.  Lord knows I need this!  My abs are now as saggy as my boobs.  Perhaps pilates will be a good thing.  And heck, I might even be able to do this one day...

Do you do yoga or pilates?  How are your abs and core, looking good or in need of some TLC?


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