Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

You did not forget about Whine and Wine Wednesday did you?

This is Angie here....let me see what is on my whining list for today:

1.  I called in sick for meeting my partner for our run today!  I felt super guilty, but did not think the below freezing weather would be good for my already coughing and snoting self!  So I slept an extra hour and actually feel a bit better today then yesterday!


2.  CVS Pharmacy sucks!  I had to go a bit insane last night to finally get my meds!  It was not pretty, but I do kind of wish I had some pics to share the moment!  Little boy "Josh" working the drive-thou ended the ordeal with a sarcastic " you have a marvelous night now Mrs. H."  I seriously wanted to punch him in the face!

Epic Fail to be exact!

3.  Will we ever get back on track for training?  It seems like the answer is no, but I know we will!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good run!

Now for the wine!  (ah, that put a smile on my face!)

This is seriously what I look like today!
I have no idea what I will drink when I get home.  I'm just hopeful I can have a glass, and that it does not kill me when I mix it with my NyQuil.

My kind of store.  Keep the wine and the NyQuil side by side!

What is your whine for the week?  How about wine, what will you be drinking?  Send us a picture and we will upload it!


See that small section in the center with purple tape?  That is my section.  Why is it so empty?

I decided on this here Shiraz

Such a good mother.  Having my son take pics of me in my sock monkey slippers sippin' on wine!
Gloria sent this picture of what she is drinking tonight....

I guess wine is not strong enough for her.


  1. My Whine for the week.... I purchased a Precor 5.33 Elliptical(commercial grade) about 2 years ago. It has worked well until two days ago. Found out that Hest Fitness (vendor I purchased from in Southlake)is no longer in Texas. And that "service provider for the area" Nate has not called me back yet! This is my backup workout when it is cold and I don't want to go outside to run or even drive to 24 Hour Fitness! Whine, Whine, Whine.......... :(

  2. I think I like "Josh". He sounds hilarious.

  3. Forget the wine I am going for the harder stuff...Vodka.

    It has been a long week at work...Watching what I am eating and nothing is coming off. I signed up for bootcamp hoping that Candy will kick my ass