Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Cold To Hold Race Review

 Today was the Too Cold To Hold.

Long sleeved tee and hat we got in our packet.

Angie woke up an hour early to heat, foam roll, stretch and tape the hammy.  Kind of ridiculous, but I think it helped!

We started with Starbucks.  Angie jumped out of the car to take a picture of Randee and Brittany.  The car in front of us thought we were nuts.  Nothing new.

Then we picked up the non sweating, full makeup, 'I'm pretty much the sexiest person I know' Talia.  We piled into her 2 door sports car, with the two 4 foot nothings in the front and Brittany and A cramped in the back.  Logical I know, but anything to keep R happy!  Believe me, you don't want to give her anything to bitch about at 6am!

So, we got to the race and it was pretty easy parking.  We decided to go ahead and get in line for the port-a-potties before the line got to crazy.  We entertained ourselves by taking pictures while we waited our turn.
Sassy Talia, Giggly Brittany and The OMG is she actually smiling? Randee

I'm really not sure why I look 2 foot taller then everyone in these pictures.  I swear I'm really not 7 foot tall!

We talked a lady waiting in line into taking her gloves off and taking our picture.  Yes, we did this entire model shoot while waiting for the potty!

Finally, we are ready to move on.  We did a bit of stretching and cheesing.  Well, Randee and I stretched.  The young kids with us just rolled their eyes.

The Bitchy Runners ready to go!

Randee decided she would try her first GU.  I think she liked it!

She could not decide if she wanted to spit or swallow.

She finally chased it down with some water.

Then it was time to line up for the start.  Talia has her emo face on.

Look at all our awesome shoes!  Brittany is the odd ball!

Talia and Brittany were breaking it down with some dance moves as we waited for the gun!

Once we were off the crowd thinned out rather quickly.  The weather was in the 40's and very nice.  We warmed up quickly as we started running.  They had water and Powerade every two miles or so.  We had our own water so we just ran on by.  There was never really any congestion at the water stops, and everything seemed to run smoothly.

The course was an out and back.  It was a pretty route around White Rock Lake.  It was rather flat with only a couple of small up and down hills.  With the hamstring issues this was my biggest concern!

Randee and I ran slow and chatted the first six miles.

We passed the time taking pictures of each other and entertaining the crowd.

Mile 4 already?  The race seemed to go by very quickly!

We saw Brittany and Talia on the turn around.  Go GURLS!

At mile 5 we took our second GU.  We were both feeling pretty good!

Coming up on mile 6!

At mile 6 we turned on our music for the first time and decided to pick up the pace.  Randee was gone.  I tried to go, but the hammy did not think that was such a good idea.  Actually,  my other leg was the main pain today.  At mile 8 I actually switched my knee brace from the left to right leg to try and finish!

Everyone finished and lived to tell about it!  

Randee's husband brought out her boys to see the race.  They ran in with her!

Our finish times:

Brittany - 1:29:13.00
Talia - 1:29:15.00
Randee - 1:41:30.00
Angie - 1:43:17.00

They had beer, munchies and massages after the race.  The massages were awesome, and the line was surprisingly short!

Randee had her foot rubbed!

A had her hammy stretched and OOH it felt good!

Brittany got extra rubbing time...not sure what was up with that!

Talia was chillin' and cheesin'!
By this time we were starving!  We were off to BJ's for some grub!

Brittany and Randee munchin' on some chips ans salsa!

Oh my gosh this is GOOD!

Our waiter was looking for some sympathy with his 11 mile bike ride on Saturday.  He hit a tree or some such.  Um yeah, that is great, now get our darn food!

R and A were freezing and opted for a Coffee and Baileys that was rather tasty!

By the time we were done we were cranky, tired, sore and ready to be home!

Yeah, that smile from earlier was long gone.  R was back to her bitchy self!

Little Brittany was ready for a nap!

Good times!  This race was all about finishing and seeing if the hammy was ready to run again!  I am hopeful the recumbent bike is history and we can now continue with our training.

After we ran A took her stinky self to Farpointe Cellars and met the husband for some wine.

A iced in the car on the way.

R went home and spent 13+ minutes in this pot of ice water.

Over all a great race and a great day!


  1. Today was a blast!! we ran our skinny butts off!

  2. ditto! more fun with the "crew-quad" is all together.

  3. Great job ladies. Angie what it that white thing your are wearing?

  4. Glo, I'm sporting a running skirt over my compression tights.

  5. Loved the review! Good times!!!!

  6. Nice shoes Brittany! Way to be Free!

  7. Ok. The area around and above my ankle has been really sore and not going away so I thought I would be like Randee. Get out the spaghetti pot and empty the ice maker. I just read that she held her foot in there for 13 min! Hold on... I'm timing it...OMG!!! 30 seconds! It hurt so bad! Like little needles all over!!! Ahhhh!

  8. Sounds like a great day in my book... race, koala guys, and then BJ's for grub! Love it!

  9. Beer Munchies and Massages? SOUNDS GOOD! I thought I got lucky with the chili they served after my race :-)

    Sounds like a great day with great friends. Perfect!

  10. Sounds like you guys had a great day! :) Congrats on the race!

  11. The beer at the finish sounds like a great idea, the pot of ice water looks like a really painful idea! :)