Monday, January 10, 2011

Jiggle Butt Run 2011 Race Review

Our first race for 2011 was the Jiggle Butt Run at UTA in Arlington.

This was a fun run 5K and we invited many of our friends to join us.  We registered as a team and our kick butt name was Weapons of Ass Destruction!

Our team ended up with 44 members, enough to win us the Largest Team Award (number of members not butt size!).  Check out our bling!

Many people were dressed in costume, and our team was no exception.  Our theme was Hot Pink, Camo and Tutus!

Before the race we were able to hang inside the gym area with real bathrooms!  That was awesome!  They had lots going on inside, including free Starbucks coffee, jewelry vendors,  materials to make cheer signs, etc.  Randee and I got a wild hair and participated in a one minute push-up contest that about killed me, but she kicked butt!  Definitely got to work on the upper body strength!

The race was a nice flat course, but did have a few pot holes that had to be looked out for.  I ran it really easy due to my hamstring issue, and really enjoyed the race.

There was only one water stop, but it was positioned at an out and back part of the course so it could be accessed twice.

The weather was beyond perfect!  40's with sunshine the entire time!

Our friend Bea kicked butt and won 3rd place in her age group!  Did I mention this was her first race ever?

Randee, Talia and Brittany all did awesome, with top ten finishes in their age groups!

Actually everyone did great and everyone finished!

We celebrated with mimosas and brunch at Rio Mambo!  Great fun!

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  1. Just discovered your blog from Run for the Bling of it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept! Right up my alley!

  2. omg this might be the best race name and shirt/bling ever! :) (just like Laura, found you from Run for the Bling of it and totally giggled at the blog name... LOVE IT)