Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Teaser

Gorgeous day in Texas!
Everyone was outside after work enjoying this spring teaser!  

This mornings workout was kind of a joke!  It was only in the low 40's, but for some reason we were both super cold.  We walked about 1.5 miles and did some stretching.  Hardly worth getting up for, but better then nothing I guess!

A went back to the chiropractor this afternoon.  Doing the three times a day icing and twice a day stretching & foam rolling.  Got to keep those hammies loose!

After work I really wanted to hang on a patio and have a drink.  I really think everyone should get off at 3pm on Friday....especially when it is so pretty outside!

I picked up the kids and we went to On the Border.  I had way to many of these....

I REALLY love their salsa!

and it will take me at least 15 miles of running to run of this....

Very good, but actually a bit too sweet!  Didn't stop me from sucking it down though!

The kids enjoyed themselves and Gloria joined us.  A nice way to end the work week.

I think Audrie was about to punch him in the face.  Such sibling love!

As I write this I am in my usual position on the couch....icing of course.  Look at this lovely picture Trent took of me foam rolling last night.

No, it's not your eyes.  This is a super blurry picture.  Don't be hatin' on my sexy outfit of leopard pajama pants, work shirt and brown sock.  It's all the rage in Kenya with the elite runners!

Now I'm about to chill and read

I've heard great things about the book.  Be looking for a book review soon!

Oh yes, and because I know you are all wondering...

My snot is almost gone and I might go to bed without taking NyQuil tonight.  I might have withdrawls on the NyQuil thing.  Do they have a 12 step program for that?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Can't wait for the book review. I was thinking about getting Born to Run.

  2. OMG! I can't put this book down. It is so darn good! I'm about half done and having to stop to go run some errands. I WILL finish it tonight! You have to read it!

  3. I am also sitting in the couch as I write this. It's my favorite place! Thanks for the book recommendation!

    Oh, and by the way, low 40s is FREEEEEZING!!!