Sunday, October 30, 2011

How's a girl to choose with so many choices?

Yesterday we did 10 miles in our abbreviated return to marathon training.  It wasn't horrible.  We did all question our sanity and need to run another marathon so soon.  Is there a 12 step program for running addiction?

We missed our bitchy friend.  We left a spot in our pre-race self portrait in her memory.
I'm pretty sure Randee was not missing us.

I'm exfoliating.  What the hell does it look like I'm doing?
Yesterday we discussed our WHAT'S NEXT plans.  That being, what's next after the White Rock Marathon of course.  We would like to do another destination race at some point.  I looked over all the fabulous race suggestions you guys provided.  Such a hard decision!

The Austin Half Marathon, held in February.  The 2012 race is too soon, but I would say this is definitely a possibility for 2013!
The Chicago Half Marathon is in September. I love Chicago and I like this medal.  However, I think we need to choose another city since we just did Chicago.
The Disney Wine and Dine is in early October.  I love the idea of this race, but I would feel entirely too guilty going to Disney without the kids.
The Fifth Third River Bank Run is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May.  It's a 25K.  It looks interesting, but not at the top of my list.
The Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon is in May.  I'm very indifferent about this race.  I frequent Indianapolis for work.  Therefore, I'm not super excited to return there for a vacation.
The San Diego Rock 'n'  Roll Half Marathon is held in June.  This race interest me, however June 2012 is not an option due to my already booked calendar!
Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon appears to be the happening race this June.  I think there is even a chance my brother and sister-in-law are doing the race.  I'm not sure I can fit it in, but the half marathon is on my radar.
The Rock The Parkway Half  Marathon is held in Kansas City in April.  This is another one of those locations that I visit for work, and don't have a lot of motivation to return for pleasure.
The Route 66 Marathon is in Tulsa in November.  There is very little to look at in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and this would require marathon training through yet another hot Texas summer.  Slim chance on this race.

The Shamrock Marathon is held in March in Virginia Beach.  2012 is a not an option, but this race looks fun.  I'm going to keep this as an options for down the road.
The Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam Half Marathon is in March.  For some reason this race really intrigues me. It's a no go in 2012, but I'm going to research this course further.
The Vermont City Marathon is held at the end of May.  That's a nearly impossible time for me due to the end of the school year.
The Surf City Marathon is held in Huntington Beach, CA in February.  This race REALLY gets my attention.  I love that you run by the water.  February is a nice time of year.  It would have to be 2013, but this race is very high up on my list!
Races that were not mentioned, but that seem amazing to me are:
  • New York City ....marathon or a half marathon as long as it gives a great tour of the city!
  • Nike Woman's Half...I'm not sure I'd survive the hills, but this seems like such a fun race!
  • Las Vegas Half....the strip at night, that view's got to be amazing!
 Alright, I need your thoughts and links to your race reviews if you've got em'.

On a side note, during the writing of this post I found my daughter decorating the bathroom counter....with cake decorating tips and bags...and ketchup.  What the heck?  She is now scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen.

Audrie and me at her school's fall festival yesterday.
Trent loves to take pictures with his momma.
Have a super Sunday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

They call me Grace

Happy Friday to ya!

I had plans to go to boot camp this morning, but the dang Rangers kept me up way past my bedtime.  So, I slept in and blamed it on my 10 miles on the books for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be my first long run without Randee in many moons.  I'm a bit verklempt.

Maybe I'll just strap her in a baby bjorn and run with her.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to look nine kinds of crazy bitching out loud to myself for ten miles.

Yesterday I was going to make chicken soup.

Note to self:  Don't forget you're boiling chicken.
Today I was visiting schools.  I was getting out of my car, looking all cute and self confident.
Then I fell on my face.  I'm the epitome of graceful.
I brushed myself off and continued on, just like nothing had happened.

My only other life changing wisdom today is this facebook post I stole from a friend.
Us women will never be satisfied. Unless of course, you have a chocolate penis that shoots out money!!!
 Seriously, has another women ever spoken truer words?

Alright, now go drink yourself silly and enjoy your Friday night!  Oh yes, and GO RANGERS!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't be afraid to be you!

Happy Thursday morning!

I'm sitting in the waiting room while my son does his physical therapy on the leg he broke.

Thankfully they have free wifi!
It is 60 degrees this morning, but it's supposed to get into the 40's and start raining as the day goes on.

Since I'm not seeing clients today, I decided it was a hat, leggings, over-sized flannel shirt and boots kinda day.  Probably looking a little ridiculous, but super comfy!
The kids have crazy day at school.

Trent's super excited.  Can't you tell?
Audrie worked hard to find the perfect crazy day outfit.
Random question of the day:

What personality type makes your blood boil?  I have come to realize recently there is one type that always gets to me.  I can be bit feisty, but I can deal with most people and have a very eclectic group of friends.

I'm not a fan of the know it all, or the person who likes to start fights for fun, or the person with no balls to stand up for themselves. Crap, I guess that's three personality types that I don't like.  I'm a horrible person.

It's probably not a good thing, but I'm a person who can't hide my dislike of someone.  It seems a waste of my breath to talk to someone who does not bring joy into my life.
 Life is short.  Live it.  Enjoy it.  Surround yourself with people who make you happy.  Don't waste your time on losers and assholes.  Speak your mind.  Be yourself.  Be different.  BE YOU!

Not sure what that tangent was about, but that's my sermon for this Thursday!

Have a super, fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

You didn't think I would miss two weeks in a row did you?

Life has been CRAZY!  Last week was six nights in Indianapolis for work training.  Sun up to sun down I tell ya.  There was definitely some wine consumption in the sun down part, but all part of a hard day's work!


I miss my bitchy friend!

Quick update on the ol' bitch:

It seems her vagina fell off at mile 18 of the marathon.  If you're in Chicago and happen to find it, please mail it back.
No seriously, she is having lots of issues with her back.  Apparently all that bitchin' she did was for good reason.  She has been given a strict 'no workouts until further notice' lecture from her doctor.  Whatever is going on is like a bone spur on her spine or some shit.  Sounds painful.  Even worse, she's never going to run over six miles again in her life.  Sad face.

Quick update on the other ol' bitch:

I've signed up for the White Rock Marathon on December 4.  It seemed like a much better idea about two weeks ago.  Now I'm wondering what in the hell I was thinking.
I joined boot camp this week.  I have gone many times before.  The first time was in 2006.  I went from a size 12 to a size 6 in twelve weeks.  It kicks your ass.  It hurts to sit on the toilet and to put on my bra.  Basically, in two workouts I have worked 1,000,000 muscles that I forgot I had.  I have discovered that my lack of cross training the past few months has not been good on my arms.  I practically fall on my face with each attempt at a push up.  The REALLY sad part is that I used to be the push up master.  True story:  When drinking I used to be known to challenge men to push up contest ON.THE.BAR.  I need that badass to return.  I will do my long runs on the weekend with Little Brittany and Talia.  We will miss Randee's shinning personality and big boobs very much. (tear) 

In other news....

My husband has made national news.  Well, at least a butt ton of sports blogs.

If you haven't heard, the World Series is going on.  The TEXAS Rangers were playing in Arlington last Saturday night.  My crazy ass husband wore his NEW YORK Rangers hockey jersey to the game.  It got his pretty little face on the TV, and I saw it live.  I was screaming from the couch I was so excited.  Little did I know that many people around the US would see his cuteness and rewind their DVR and take a picture.
Apparently it's weird to wear a hockey jersey to a baseball game.  Who knew?  Anyway, here are links to several of the blogs that have already featured him.  Man, if only he would have had a Bitchy Runners shirt on....oh the possibilities!
I'm having a glass of Secreto Malbec.
Don't hate me because I look so darn sexy after a long day of work.
Now go pour yourself a glass (or three) of some good wine (none of that nasty crap) and sit back and read about what an idiot half the world thinks my husband is.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No time to blog, but....

I leave for Indianapolis in 4 hours.  I have to finish packing.  My house is a mess.  I have laundry to do.  I need to go buy groceries for the family.  I haven't even finished arranging after school transportation for the kids next week.  Perhaps I should stop blogging and get busy!

Yesterday we had a family day at Six Flags.

It was HOT yesterday.  Everyone but me was super excited about getting soaking wet.

We rode a few coasters, but it was crowded & some rides had 2+ hour waits.  No bueno!

The girl child.

I have no idea why I thought having my large ass in the air was a good idea.

I made a friend. 

He wasn't sure what to do with my mad self portrait skills.

And ladies (and Brian), this hunk-a, hunk-a burning love is all mine.  Hands off!
Now I'm off to get ready to fly off in a jet plane.  My burning question is this.

What destination race should I consider for 2012.  I'm open to a half or full marathon.  I think I prefer a winter or spring event, but will look at all options.  Give me your suggestions so I can research!  Of course, if you are going to be there that could help persuade me!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling in Love at Knob Creek

I went to Chicago to run a marathon.  My husband went to Chicago to find his bromance.

It all started innocently enough.  I met Cely from Running off the Reese's for the blogger breakfast.

All seems nice and normal.  Just a few strangers getting together for breakfast.
Cely's boyfriend Brian joined us.  Doug stayed at the hotel.  Then just before we left, Doug showed up.  I didn't notice it at the time, but apparently the two boys looked into each others eyes and....

.....visions of whiskey danced in their heads.
While we talked about important stuff like the perfect race day outfit, the boys concocted a plan for getting hammered during the marathon.

Marathon morning arrived.  45,000 anxious runners huddle together smelling of Bengay and bagels.  1.7 million spectators line the streets to cheer on strangers and loved ones alike.  Then at a Starbucks somewhere in Chicago this happened...

Doug and Brian hook up. Whiskey consumption begins.

At mile 13 they entertain the crowd with their dancing moves.
By mile 18 they are strolling hand and hand around the city.  Would it have been too much to at least hold a sign to cheer your women on?
By mile 20 they had already decided this bromance was forevah.
By the time we hit 26 miles they were in worse shape than us.

26.2 miles of drinking whiskey is exhausting.  Hey Brian, I'm ready.
Cely finished three days before me.  Doug couldn't leave Brian's side long enough for him and Cely to get a photo.
I finally found the finish line.  Look Angie, that's Brian my new man love.
Cely and I had to literally pry the boys apart after the marathon.  Then they sexted each other all night long.
And I'll leave you with this riveting video of me walking into the drunk love fest moments after finishing the Chicago Marathon.