Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo Bomb!

Workout:  1 mile warm up run / 3 mile Tempo run at 9:45 pace / .5 mile walk cool down

Overall a fantastic workout this morning.  It was the first time we pushed the pace in a very LONG time.  It felt good, especially when we were done!  Hopefully this is the start of good things to come!

And a little something to make you smile on this Monday morning....

No this is not child pornography.  It was our family trip to Spain, where all the kiddos ran around the beach as naked as the day they were born.  Audrie was riding this camel and my mom was just taking an innocent picture of her granddaughter.  It was not until we returned home did we realize she had been photo bombed!  This picture always makes me smile!

Do you have any great photo bomb pictures?  We would love to see them, and share them!  Randee is the photo bomb queen! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Drink and Run!

Workout:  3 sweaty miles.

Saturday was another beautiful day in Texas!

Angie had a lazy morning reading "The Long Run" and sippin' coffee. Perfect!

Then the family was of to Fort Worth.  Angie let Cyn massage on the hammy, and then it was a visit to Fort Worth Running Company to get the hubby some new running shoes.  Nothing for me today! Sad face!


Run Forest Run!
Audrie found a new running partner.
Then we headed home for some 'King of the Hill' fun with friends.  We started the afternoon in Glo's front yard and ended the evening in Cheri's backyard by the fire. Another perfect.  Except for maybe the amount of wine we consumed.  More about that when you get to this mornings run!

The ladies chillaxin' in the beautiful weather!

Sippin' wine and icing.

The man who has to put up with Randee.  Bless his heart!

I had to go get Brittany out of bed to join us.

Wake up sleepy head and CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

Little Brittany and her 100,000,000 text for the afternoon.

Yeah, not sure what I was doing here.  I think this a great look for me though.

We ordered pizza.  Let the kids roast marshmallows.  And perhaps we might have had a bit too much wine.

Cheri and Randee - all smiles!

Randee and a blurry Glo

Um yeah, it was time to go home at this point!

So we learned a lesson last night.  Don't consume mass amounts of wine and expect to enjoy your run the next morning! 

The first words out of Brittany's mouth when Randee walked out of the house was "oh no, she looks super bitchy this morning."  She was correct!  We sweated like we were really doing something as we did our slow moving 3 miles this morning.  Thank goodness our training plan had this as a short run today.  I think there was some divine intervention on our side.  It took all we had to finish the three.  Brittany just giggled and rolled her eyes at us.  I'm not sure she enjoyed having to run our slow pace!

Due to the Super Bowl coming to town, downtown Fort Worth was kinda crazy.  Our normal parking spot was a "non parking" zone and several streets were closed except for foot traffic!  We finally found a spot and did a bit of stretching.

Self portrait!

Stretching the calf and checking out the eyebrows.

Um yeah, I don't really stretch.  I'm way to cool for that.

Then along the way we came across this.  Someone had a mighty fun Saturday night!

Nasty thong on the ground.  Brittany is convinced it was Randee's.


The bitchy runners doing what they do best.  Bitchin' and runnin'.

Brittany self portrait
Finally, we were done.  We decided to act like all the other nimrods and take pictures of all the ESPN Super Bowl hoopla. 

Everyone else seemed to be taking pics in front of thought we would do the same.

The area where ESPN will broadcast live during the Super Bowl.

Downtown Fort Worth
Then it was FINALLY time for our coffee! 

Us in front of our "usual" Starbucks.  We usually end every weekend long run here!

2 Chocolate Milks.  2 Venti Lattes.  2 Ice Waters.  Same every week!

Of course they did not make Randee's coffee to suite her.  Same as every other week.  So she returned it and got yet another free coffee for our next visit. We really should try a new Starbucks.  They kind of suck at making coffee at this one!

So Brittany was right.  Randee was in a mood.

Now I am icing of course. Hopefully my afternoon will include finishing "The Long Run" and finally cleaning my house!

P.S. Talia we missed you today!  Feel better!

Do you drink and run?  Do you regret it?  What kind of weather do you prefer to run in?  Cold?  Hot?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Teaser

Gorgeous day in Texas!
Everyone was outside after work enjoying this spring teaser!  

This mornings workout was kind of a joke!  It was only in the low 40's, but for some reason we were both super cold.  We walked about 1.5 miles and did some stretching.  Hardly worth getting up for, but better then nothing I guess!

A went back to the chiropractor this afternoon.  Doing the three times a day icing and twice a day stretching & foam rolling.  Got to keep those hammies loose!

After work I really wanted to hang on a patio and have a drink.  I really think everyone should get off at 3pm on Friday....especially when it is so pretty outside!

I picked up the kids and we went to On the Border.  I had way to many of these....

I REALLY love their salsa!

and it will take me at least 15 miles of running to run of this....

Very good, but actually a bit too sweet!  Didn't stop me from sucking it down though!

The kids enjoyed themselves and Gloria joined us.  A nice way to end the work week.

I think Audrie was about to punch him in the face.  Such sibling love!

As I write this I am in my usual position on the couch....icing of course.  Look at this lovely picture Trent took of me foam rolling last night.

No, it's not your eyes.  This is a super blurry picture.  Don't be hatin' on my sexy outfit of leopard pajama pants, work shirt and brown sock.  It's all the rage in Kenya with the elite runners!

Now I'm about to chill and read

I've heard great things about the book.  Be looking for a book review soon!

Oh yes, and because I know you are all wondering...

My snot is almost gone and I might go to bed without taking NyQuil tonight.  I might have withdrawls on the NyQuil thing.  Do they have a 12 step program for that?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sexy Legs

Workout:  4 miles @ 10:59 pace (halleSTINKIN'lujah!)

Finally a good run!  Our training said to do 4 miles at 11:24 pace, so we were actually a little too fast!

Sorry, horrible iphone self portrait!

The hammy was a little weird today so I went to the chiropractor after work.  Therapist said the knot was not back, but it was much tighter then it was at the end of last week.

I guess I'm going to have to make icing, rolling and stretching part of the daily routine.  This means an earlier wake up to fit it all in!  My alarm already goes off at 4:15 a.m.!
Heat / Stretch / Roll / Workout / Roll / Stretch / Ice

While we're on the subject of legs....

This is why I never ride my bike in my thong.

You think that is a man or a woman?

Maybe with a butt load of running and yoga they will ask me to be a Jennifer Aniston leg double!

Dang she has good legs!

What is your pre and post race routine?  Any past or current injuries you have to baby?  Who do you think has the sexiest legs?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday Cont....

I could make a long whine list but I'll make it short.  My toe is in complete agony and looking pretty nasty!  I don't remember A ever complaining of this, hers just turned white and fell off.  Well, maybe my damn toe nails were too long trying to be all cute BUT I have learned my lesson.  Cute feet are gone through the running days!  I mean, look at my poor little toe.  Another thanks to the 15k and I am going to do a half and a full??  My body fell apart just on this short race!

It's just hanging on by the threads

I was trying to walk out the backyard to retrieve something and trying to make it through the mess that my boys chose to leave right in the way and i caught my damn toe on something after I stumbled from stepping on a matchbox car!!  I thought it was a gonner.  I had to gather myself back up and take a few breaths on that one.

After all that, I decided to sit and enjoy myself a nice glass of wine.  Not sure what it is, since I buy by how I like the label but it's pretty darn good.
I, like A let my son take a picture of me as well.

A bit blurred but not bad for 4

Eager to get back to our training or where we left off last year.  Regardless, we will always cross that finish line!

Cheers to all and let us know how your Whine and Wine Wednesday is.  We want to hear ALL about it.

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

You did not forget about Whine and Wine Wednesday did you?

This is Angie here....let me see what is on my whining list for today:

1.  I called in sick for meeting my partner for our run today!  I felt super guilty, but did not think the below freezing weather would be good for my already coughing and snoting self!  So I slept an extra hour and actually feel a bit better today then yesterday!


2.  CVS Pharmacy sucks!  I had to go a bit insane last night to finally get my meds!  It was not pretty, but I do kind of wish I had some pics to share the moment!  Little boy "Josh" working the drive-thou ended the ordeal with a sarcastic " you have a marvelous night now Mrs. H."  I seriously wanted to punch him in the face!

Epic Fail to be exact!

3.  Will we ever get back on track for training?  It seems like the answer is no, but I know we will!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good run!

Now for the wine!  (ah, that put a smile on my face!)

This is seriously what I look like today!
I have no idea what I will drink when I get home.  I'm just hopeful I can have a glass, and that it does not kill me when I mix it with my NyQuil.

My kind of store.  Keep the wine and the NyQuil side by side!

What is your whine for the week?  How about wine, what will you be drinking?  Send us a picture and we will upload it!


See that small section in the center with purple tape?  That is my section.  Why is it so empty?

I decided on this here Shiraz

Such a good mother.  Having my son take pics of me in my sock monkey slippers sippin' on wine!
Gloria sent this picture of what she is drinking tonight....

I guess wine is not strong enough for her.