Friday, January 14, 2011

Are you Stalking Us?

Workout:  Sucked butt again!  2.72 miles.  Half mile warm up, one 9:31 mile, and a lot of bitching and walking after that.

We need followers!  Lots of them!  Right now we only have seven followers!  We are way to cool to only have seven followers!

I know there are millions of you stalking us!  You just have not signed up to follow us even though you log in multiple times a day to see what clever things we are posting!

So if you love us, and I know you do, please sign up to follow our blog!  Who knows, if we get enough followers we might start getting to do awesome give-a-ways for YOU to win!  Then we would be super cool!

Tell the truth.....are you a stalker?  Leave us a comment about what other blogs you stalk!  We might want to check them out!


  1. the fact that no one has commented leads me to believe...dare I say it...stalkers??

  2. Try running in your underwear and post pics. Your dad isn't following and it would most likely cause a spike in this blog's viewership.
    Another strategy might be to make friends with someone such as Oprah and get her to recommend your blog to others less corpulent than she.
    If I were ya'll, I would pick the easiest one of these two options.

  3. Technically you only have 6 followers. I used brad's user name and password to increase your numbers.

  4. But on the plus side, since your brother isn't really fallowing either, Doug's underwear suggestion is still a plausible strategy.

  5. We are actually up to 10 followers...but I guess that would be 9 with the fake Brad follower! So it's a bit cold for the undie picks right now....but you wait! We might totally do that come warmer weather! Whatever it takes to get followers!