Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let the Bitching Begin!

Randee and I have decided to start a blog. (As if we did not bitch enough already!)  Now you can follow us in our quest to run the Chicago Marathon.  We will take turns updating our progress, writing race reports and bitching about our injuries and husbands! (Love ya honey!)  Feel free to post comments and give us feedback!

Follow our blog and let the bitching begin!

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  1. I will follow this blog with anonymous interest (154 to come soon).

  2. Can I suggest confessional Friday? Were we can confess sins of skipping runs, smoking (I may or may not have done this after waking up to a filthy house complete with dog poo), Pzza and ice cream binges... you get the idea.

  3. I like the idea Alecia! I'll expect you to be full off good confessions this Friday!