Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chillaxin' in the Lazy Boy!

Workout:  45 minute hill workout on the recumbent bike and stretching

So, after yesterday's 'poke my eyes out' boring workout, we were not too excited about this morning's repeat.

However, we ventured to another 24 Hour Fitness....and low and behold they are actually 24 hours of fitness.  Go figure!  The dude working behind the counter was much nicer than the chick at the other location, and the best part was the Lazy Boy recliner they call the recumbent bike!

 Can you even tell I'm working out?  I wanted a coffee to drink I was so relaxed!  
Don't mind the oily forehead and Nyquil hazed eyes!

Heck this thing even put a smile on Randee's face.  
Something few men have been able to do!

So are we giving up running and making the bike our new lover?  Hell no!  We were just happy to be a tad less grumpy today then yesterday, and one day closer to me being able to run again!

Leave us comments dang it!  We want to hear feedback from you!  This one sided conversation is making me crazy...and we already know I'm crazy enough!  What is your favorite piece of gym equipment? 


  1. I love spin...a lot funner when someone is screaming at you to "GO GO GO"...I love the sauna too...I can't wait for Sunday.

  2. Yes, spin class is much more exciting then the recumbent bike! I've never been much of a sauna person, but maybe I need to give it another try! I'm thinking a jacuzzi after our runs would be awesome! Perhaps a must for our Chicago hotel!

  3. Both of our foreheads are greasy!!! Plus, look at the damn crow marks I got going on. I look a good 10 yrs older is this pic! I'm glad our confidence is up and we think we are sexy, these pics don't portray it as so.