Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet 16

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night we went to a mini reunion for Doug's high school graduation class.  Thanks to Facebook and living in the same area where he went to school, I knew a lot of people!  It was a great time.  A few of my favorites from the night....

Doug and Jamie having sexy time.

Cheryl and I embraced in a bear hug.

Me attacking poor Derek's head.

Jamie and I making duck lips and crazy stalker man face.

Cynthia, Cheryl and I taking self portraits.

Janell, Cynthia and I gettin' our cheese on.  Really is there anything else to do in a bar?

Dressing up the biggest cowboy in the bar with a purse.  Thanks for playing dress up with us Curtis!
Saturday morning started early with Doug purchasing a new motorcycle.  Then Randee and her kids came to swim.  Cheri joined us later and we ended up with a girls dinner at a BYOB Italian place by the house.  More fun times, but no pictures to prove it!

Now to Marathon Training Week 12 - Day 7

We had 16 miles on the schedule for today.  We decided to meet at a nearby Starbucks and run our route down a road that was about 5 miles long, with a great sidewalk and affluent neighborhoods we could zigzag through to get our mileage.  It ended up working out perfectly!

Talia and Brittany in matching blue and black.

Randee sporting her marathon outfit for a trial run.

Oh look, I have on the same outfit.  I'll do a proper review of the skirtsports outfit later, but let me say I LOVED it!  We have the ones with just the built in panties...not tights.  I'm also lovin' that iFitness hydration belt I'm sportin'.

 4:40am...and we're off!
The run started off great!  We stopped at one mile and did a quick stretch and then on we went.   It was dark, but the area was well lit.  The million dollar homes gave us something to talk about and distracted from the daunting run.

It was a warm run!  These were the conditions at 4:30am.
We took a quick picture break and a GU at mile 4.

A rather unsuccessful attempt at taking a self portrait in front of the Colleyville sign.
We have actually learned that just as the sun is starting to rise the temps drop a little and we get a nice breeze.  Today was no exception.  Just as we were reaching 8 miles it was starting to feel nice!

Market Street was at mile 8.  Perfect place to pee and refuel.  Oh yes, and take pictures!
Talia doing her pretend 'I'm about to pee pee' pose.

Then in our delirious running state of mind we thought it would be a good idea for Randee to show us the most effective way to take a dump.

Oh wait....this would work better.  I'm pretty sure the 'give yourself hemorrhoids' grunting face is optional.
Apparently Brittany found our potty entertainment very juvenile and embarrassing.  Rude.

I don't even know what this ridiculousness is!
This was our Kardashian's Christmas card pose.  Really this huge mirror in the bathroom could provide hours of entertainment for the vain and immature.
Our break was only about 10 minutes.  Seriously.  We bought some water, refilled our hydration belts, took our last GU and off we went.

The return started out well enough...but then little Brittany started having knee issues.

The more she tried to run the worse it got.  We ended up having to walk a great portion of the last six miles.  We decided it best to stay together and get everyone back to Starbucks without major knee damage!

Randee found her Chiropractor's house...or at least his car.  We contemplated knocking on the door and asking for an adjustment.  But we carried on...
It was starting to get super hot the last couple of miles.  Everyone was out of water and we would have paid $187 to use someones water hose to refill our bottles.

On a personal note I felt really good on this run.  Our running pace was around an 11:00 to 11:30.  Even having to walk I was able to maintain about a 14:00 pace.  Actually, the walking caused all of us to get achy legs.  Different muscle usage I'm guessing.  But overall...a great mental boost for me!

We finished.  We survived.  Yes we walked some, but dang if it was not still 16 miles.

Talia was outraged to find herself perspiring.  That 16 miles almost messed up her makeup.  Dang.

Apparently Brittany was unable to get up and go to the bathroom for her post run bowel movement.
Just after this picture was taken, Randee's eyes turned red and her head started spinning. Evil I tell ya. Evil.
Evil as she is....dang if she doesn't have some rockin' thigh definition.

I was all smiles until I sucked down a Venti Chocolate Milk in .09 seconds and thought I was gonna hurl. 

Did you notice we all took our shoes off.  Dang that felt good!

I went straight home and soaked in an Epson Salt bath.  Then Doug rubbed my feet

Then I put my toe stretcher thingies on.  Ohhh.  Ahhh.  That feels good!
Then I rehydrated at a wine tasting.
After the wine tasting I came home and took a two hour nap.  Feeling pretty good now.  Just HUNGRY!  Very thankful to have that run behind me!

And so much to look forward to with this lovely forecast for next week!  WTH?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Stop.... Hammer Time

Marathon Training Week 12 - Day 5

This week has been insane.  We missed Wednesday and Thursday workouts because I was traveling.  Today called for Yoga that's what we did.

We moved up to level 2.  Get into a back bend.  Now put your right leg straight up in the air. Now rep it out.  Down, Up, Down, Up....Now hold.
Um yeah, it took me like five minutes to get into this position.  I sure as hell can't rep it out at warp speed.  And  if I try to put one leg up in the air I'm gonna break my neck and back. 
It's only 20 minutes.  Next Friday we are going to do level 1 and 2.  It kinda feels like cheating when we only do a 20 minute workout and call it a day.
While I was begging for help getting out of my back bend, Randee was making out with Jillian.  She totally wants to have a lesbian love affair with that lady.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.
My body was so tight today.

Being cramped on a plane for two days will do that to you.
I did get to ride in style once I got to Indianapolis. I'm pretty sure all the locals thought I was Lady Gaga.

I totally see the resemblance, don't you?
So Yesterday I had lots of down time in the airport.  I started reading blogs.

I found myself at Sweat Once a Day, reading Emily's Lake Placid Ironman race review.  Oh. My. Gosh.  You have to go read this report.  Awesome and emotional.  Towards the end she references her mother's blog.

I then headed over to her mom's blog at Age Groups Rock and read the race from her perspective.  Yeah, I was a weeping idiot in the middle of the Indianapolis airport.

Go read both reviews and try to tell me you didn't get all verklempt.

Look at these rockin' glasses I got for Audrie in the Indy airport. I should have gotten myself a pair to wear while running.  I might have to steal these! 
I mean seriously, I look faster and skinner just wearing them.....and maybe a little constipated.  What the heck am I doing with my finger in the bottom right of this picture?  Flipping myself off?
Sunday brings 16 miles.  The goal is not to die.  The hard part is finding a safe, well lit route for that many miles.

Go ahead and do the running man....

It's Hammer Time....or Friday...whichever you prefer to call it.
That's word because you know
U can't touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)
Break it down
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh) (x4)
Stop Hammer time

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whine & Wine Wednesday

Airport version...

Today I was flying from Dallas to Indianapolis with a connection in Charlotte, North Carolina. My original connection time was 37 minutes in the late afternoon.

I decided at the last minute last night to stand by for the 5:15am flight to Charlotte.

I got on & got to spend seven hours with my brother & his family.

Alaurie & Braden we're super excited to see their Aunt Angie.

We started with some Starbucks. I was in major need of coffee due to my 3:00am wake up call!

After visiting at my brother's house, we went to grab some grub.

Purty girls.

Why yes, that is bacon & sweet potato fries. Yummo!

Then I bribed the kids to like me with a dollar. I'm pretty sure it worked.

Alecia & I visited a running store. Sexy don't ya think?

A little self portrait magic.

Then my little brother threw me out at the curb.

Now they are calling boarding for my flight to Indy.

Drink some wine & whine for me. Don't let me down!

Gotta fly....

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