Monday, July 25, 2011

How'd that bed get broken?

Marathon Training Week 12 - Day 1

Today called for Yogilates.  We have not done this workout in a few weeks, and it felt GOOD to get our stretch on!

Randee was sure smiley this morning in her Texas Rangers shirt.

Why yes, I will answer to Sweaty Boobs Square Pants.
Last night Randee and I made our big purchases.  Chicago Marathon outfits.  The. Most. Important. Decision. Ever.

It's from  It is red.  Our plan is to add white compression socks and a cute headband.  I'm pretty sure we're gonna look smokin'.  We may suck at running, but dang we can sure look cute.  We plan to have our names printed on the front, and perhaps the blog website on the back.

Audrie was begging me to take her to Justice shopping yesterday.  For those of you unfamiliar with Justice, it's a tween girl's shopping paradise.  She had signs posted all over the house yesterday...

....including her daddy's hairy back.  I might have taken her if only she had said "please!"
I've got new home fever.  We have SO outgrown our current home.  Our kids are growing. Our house is shrinking.

I found the neighborhood I would love to build in.  Now to convince Doug.  Do you think this blog post is the best method of delivering the news?
The neighborhood has a lake and over a mile of paved jogging trails.  I would actually prefer to wait the 1 to 1 1/2 years until the next phase opens. I want first pick at the large lake front lots.  Plenty of time to save money, fix up the current place and decide on the perfect floor plan.

If I don't post tomorrow you will know that Doug threw the computer out the window into the pool.  I guess that would mean he is against moving.

Heck, he's even against a new bed.  Even after this happened last night.  There wasn't even any hanky panky going down.  I swear.
 I've got lots of questions today.

1.  What would you consider the perfect square footage in a house - 2 adults, 2 growing kids & 2 dogs?

I'm thinking 2500 - 2800 square feet would be perfect.  I want room for the kids and their friends to hangout, but I also want it small enough for just Doug and I down the road.

2.  What features would be your "must have items" if you were building a new house?

I refuse to have a backyard that faces someone's house.  I want to see trees or a lake.  Something pretty.  I want a HUGE island in the kitchen that is perfect for wine tastings.  I know Doug will want a built in, temperature controlled wine cellar.  A three car garage for all our crap, and lots of closet space!  Oh yes, and I would love a game room area for the kids to hangout.

3.  What do you think we should put on our marathon shirts?

4.  How should I sweet talk Doug into building me a house?


  1. 1. I don't want to tell you the square footage of our house.. let's just say it's "Texas" sized.
    2. We built the house before the one we are now.. it was fun! I loved picking all the tile and countertops...
    3. definately blog address...
    4. ah, this one is difficult.. my hubs is always up for buying stuff so he's easy

  2. 1) 2500?! That's huge! I'm all about small but open floor plans. Your current (and the one I rent here) house just has too many walls which makes it feel small.

    2)Open floor plan. Living and kitchen all one big space with limited to no hallways and I know I'm alone here, but I HATE walk in closets. They're a waste of square footage. A wall length wardrobe has much more to offer.

    3)I like the name and website idea.

    4)Show your boobs more. Maybe get some of your friends to show their boobs too.

  3. @TRG - I know I would love picking out all the home decor! Ahh, an easy husband sounds good!

  4. @Aleicia - You're crazy. You don't like walk in closets? And yes, 2500 square foot would be perfect! We're BIG people!

    Now about know my husband well!

  5. The outfit is seriously awesome -- but I'm a big red fan. Congrats on actually finding red cuz it just isn't out there much. I may have to go get me one of those skirts!!