Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Marathon Training Week 11 - Day 4

I'm so dang proud of us today! The schedule called for intervals.

Randee lost her mojo this morning & was back to letting me do the motivating.

I was determined to make my legs move fast!

We did a mile warm up at about a 10:30 pace. Then we did 4 X 800 repeats all at 9:20 and under. We did two of them around 8:40. That's crazy fast for us. We probably should have slowed down & ran a more consistent pace, but it just felt good to see what my legs...and lungs...could handle.

I do believe I have my head & heart back in the game!

Thrill 1:

I finally found furniture for Audrie's bedroom.

We have such limited space & needed two beds. We finally went with this loft bed.

...and not this dresser! But the one we chose is similar.

Thrill 2:

The reason we need two beds is because we will soon be hosting an Italian exchange student.

Growing up my family hosted students every year from 4th grade until after I left for college. Doug & I have hosted one girl from Thailand when the kids were just babies.

She will arrive sometime in August. She is a swimmer, loves shoe shopping & also has to follow a gluten free diet!

Thrill 3:

It's dang hot. Surprise, surprise.

However, I do feel this is a bit ridiculous!

Alrighty, you will have to excuse me if this post is a little lame.

I'm sitting in the music store typing on my iPhone, waiting on Trent to finish piano lessons.

Listening to people bang on drums, pianos & guitars...all at the same time...all playing different songs.

Have a Thrilling Thursday!

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  1. I didnt know you guys were gonna be hosting! Very cool!

  2. Way to carry the family tradition.

    I love how, when driving down Hwy 75, all the grass was brown with 4 or 5 spots just between Sherman and Denison that were burnt black. Beautiful scenery in Texas this time of year.

  3. Alecia... you funny.

    Angie, I can't believe it is 160°F !!!

    I wish people would post more pictures of their car dashboards!