Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gettin' the hair did

Yesterday was hair day!

This was my hairdo inspiration...

I like the messy unfixed look.
I go to work most days with wet hair.  I thought this do would work well with my high maintenance self.

Getting your hair foiled is such an attractive process.
I love my hair lady Toi.  She has been doing my hair for about five years and is always fun to chat with while getting pampered.

We hosted a wine tasting Saturday night and I totally forgot to take any pictures.  Very unusal.

Anyway, just before bed I snapped this self portrait.

The new do. 
Are you adventurous with your hair?  Do you go to the same person all the time or go to whomever?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cowtown 10K Review

 Race day!  I always love race day!

Talia and Brittany met me at my house at 5:00am and we picked up Chad and Randee on the way.  The race started at 7:00am, super early in my opinion.

Hard part of the morning:  Finding an open Starbucks.

Easy part o the morning:  Parking.

First picture of the day.  Starbucks in hand and ready to go!

My running peeps Brittany, Randee and Talia.
You gotta read "Run Like a Mother" to appreciate my Badass Mother Runner shirt!

 It was a bit chilly, but we got to wait inside!  Awesome.

The Expo was open so we got to look around while we waited.

Hmm, I guess I was having a SLAYER moment.

Little Brittany is about to start the Fire Academy.  She was pumped to get her picture taken next to this super cool fire engine.
And the best part....

Real bathrooms!
This was Chad's first race.

He spent most of the morning on this bench trying to hide & act like he did not know us.  We can get a little loud!
And look who we ran into during the Expo...

The always hilarious Becky and Jeff! 
About 10 minutes before race time we headed outside and got ready to go!

The mandatory Bitchy Runners picture.  I have got to loosen my hydration belt so I don't have to wear it up under my boobs.
Then look who found me:

The kick butt runner Javier.  It is fun to see familiar faces in the crowd!
One last self portrait before we start!
And we are off!

Talia and Brittany gettin' jiggy wit it.

The crowds stayed pretty thick the entire race.  The mile markers were nearly impossible to see.  I was very happy to have my Garmin to have a clue where I was on the course.  And part of the course was on paths that were way to narrow for the amount of people running.

This was my view most of the race.
Occasionally I would see an old women in super short spandex, or a guy running barefoot carrying his shoes, but mainly I just tried to hold a pace while in cramped quarters. 

I had my own water so I did not pay too much attention, but I think they had three water stops on the course.  The second stop had water and Gatorade on both sides of the road.  Running down the middle I was having to dodge flying cups.  Blah!

There were a few hills, but the majority of the course was flat.

Randee had been running fever the night before the race.  She probably should have been in bed, but she wanted to give the race a try.  Around mile 4 she started feeling sick and told me to go on.

My splits:

Mile 1 - 10:00
Mile 2 -   9:38
Mile 3 -   9:37
Mile 4 -   9:38
Mile 5 -   9:22
Mile 6 -   9:42
.2        -   2:22 (8:32 pace)

Dangit!  I was 22 seconds over my goal! 
I'm anxious to see the official results.

Talia & Brittany rocked it and finished in 55 minutes.

Chad had a goal of 1:10:00.  He finished in 58 minutes.  He pretty much kicked ass for his first race!

Randee did awesome for being so sick!  She finished around 1:04:00.  She was definitely feeling ill when she crossed the finish line.

I ran into Christy, a girl I went to high school with, at the finish line.  It was pretty amazing given the gazillion people that were everywhere!

Brittany and Talia went into the finishers area and got their groceries for the week.  Chad, Randee and I just high tailed it to the car to get Randee home.

Quick Chica Bands review:

Loved it!  It stayed in place the entire race and kept the hair and sweat out of my eyes!
Leaving the parking lot was not so fun!  It seemed to take us forever.  The 5K race started at 8:30am and was underway as we were trying to leave.  I don't know if that was the hold up or what, but it kinda sucked!

Especially since Randee was sick.

So Randee had on her compression shorts under her longer tights.  She started doing a strip tease in the car. 
She wanted those compression shorts off.  The she realized she had no underwear on.  We almost got to see all the goods!

Chad wanted to know why she never got naked when he was driving.
We barely got Randee home before she started barfing!  Hopefully some rest will do a body good!

When we got back to my house we realized we had not taken any pictures with our medals.

Take One - You can't see the medals.

Take Two:  You can't see Talia.

Take Three:  Brittany has her eyes closed.
Forget It!!

Here is our bling:

I like that the bibs have our name and how many times we have ran the Cowtown.  And who doesn't want a medal with cowboy boots on it?
Overall a great race.  I liked last years route better, but they changed the location due to the increase in participants.  It is well ran and I'm sure we will do it again next year!

What was missing this race?  Food and Alcohol. I'll have to make up for that tonight!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sponge Bob Cranky Pants

Cowtown 10K is tomorrow.

I went to get our packets after work.  

Very organized.

Lots of vendors tempting me to spend money.
I was looking for a good headband. They had several different vendors selling what looked like the exact same thing.

I ended up going with Chica Bands.  There were almost too many choices.
Which one shall I wear tomorrow?
On the way home I encountered this...

It was horrible and horrendous traffic.  It definitely sucked butt.

By the time I got home I was definitely Sponge Bob Cranky Pants.

I momentarily felt better when I found these in the packet

I thought someone had the brilliant idea to put samples of whiskey and tequila in our race packet.
But no....

I realize this is a horrible picture, but it was balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
Talk about a let down.

This was the goods...

No technical shirt, you had to run one of the marathon races to be cool enough for that.  But the name on the bib is pretty sweet.
Now the goal for tomorrow.


My time on my last 10K:  1:17:21.88.

I guess I should admit that it was in August and 185 degrees outside during that race, but a 17 minute PR sounds really nice.

Oh yes, and  I was just informed that there was no "drinkable" wine in the cellar.  Guess I will have to hydrate with water.  Who does that?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

It's that time again where you get to learn three thrilling facts about yours truly.  I know you're about to pee your pants with exciement.

I changed the name.  "Three Things Thursday" seemed kinda boring.  Thrills seems, well thrilling.  And I'm pretty sure that describes me better.

First let's talk about my little brother.

He knows who is boss.

 He will be the BIG 3-0 on Tuesday.  This makes me feel old.

I look younger, right?
He has a wife, but she deserves her own Thrilling Thursday.  So we will move on....

Thrill number two is that my niece Alaurie is a Hot Mess at the age of 3, or is it 4?  I'm a great Aunt, aren't I!

I 'm pretty sure she has a great future ahead.  She is talented in both booty shakin' and being sassy!
Don't let this picture fool you.  Neither of these two are as innocent as they look!

Your last thrill for today will be 2 years old on Monday!

Flippin' his aunt off on the day he was born. 
Will he grow up to make the same goofy faces as his cousin?

Join me in wishing Braden a very Happy 2nd Birthday and Bradley a very Happy 30th Birthday!  Alaurie celebrates her birthday like her Aunt Angie.  Every day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pour Me Some Wine Dangit!

I finally begged enough...

Note to self, buy some anti aging cream!

Mr. Bitchy Runner poured me some delish Riesling.

He does the same thing with the milk.

Now I'm off to drink my one glass of wine to make this Wine and Whine Wednesday official!  I have an early 4:15am wake up call to get in 4 miles with Randee.  She does still exist, just not in the blog world!

Whine and Wine Wednesday

 Workout:  4 chatty miles @ 10:50 pace. 

We are already back to Wednesday?  The past couple of weeks have flown by.

Whine for the week....

First of all I will say that the house seems to be falling apart!  Yesterday alone, the pool pump broke, the bathroom sink stopped up and our master closet shelving colapsed!

Everyone does not keep their hanging clothes piled on the chaise lounge in their bedroom?  Weird.

Next, my new car.  I took it to the dealership a week ago to have the leather seats put in.  They said it would take one day.  It took seven.  I just got it back last night and they did not hook the airbag up correctly.  I had no idea the seats and the airbags went together, but apparently they do.  Anywho, looks like I will get to go to the dealership again tomorrow to have this fixed.

I'm no longer a mini van mama.
Let's see, what else do I got?

Just this muffin top that has suddenly appeared.  Guess I have been eating out and eating freely a bit too much lately!  Got to work on that!
This is my muffin top body double.

Alright, enough complaining.

Now on to the WINE!

This is our wine cellar.

This is my small section of the cellar.  The area outlined in purple.  Notice it is empty.  Those bottles in the back are not officially in my section!

Why do I have a purple section you ask?  Because Doug buys the expensive stuff and I buy the less expensive stuff.  He nearly had a heart attack when he found me and a girl friend sippin' on a pricey bottle of wine one evening.  Okay, she might have had a cup of vodka in one hand and the glass of wine in the other.  He thought it was wasteful to share the good stuff with her.  Since then I have a "special" section just for me.

What am I to do for Whine and Wine Wednesday when my section of the cellar is empty?  Maybe Doug will open a bottle of the good stuff for me when he gets home!

Hopefully my lack of wine will not become a whine.

What is your whine and wine for the week?