Things We Love

Running is a sport that requires very little gear.

Yeah, that's a lie!  We have both acquired a lot of "must haves" since taking up running.  Running attire now overflows our closets and cost three times as much as our work clothes.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Asics Running Shoes

Angie is currently sporting these Asics GEL-Kayano® 16s.  They are perfect for correcting overpronation. Randee has a normal foot strike & does not need a stability shoe, but still sports some version of Asics.


Wicking Tights, Shirts & Socks

We both have a variety of pants, shirts and socks in wicking material.  We switch it up depending on the temperature outside.  Angie is currently sporting these Women's CW-X 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights.  They were purchased for compression to help heal the hamstring issue.  The verdict, they rock!  They are quite pricey, but worth it! According to the CW-X description of the pants they have a "gusseted crotch liner for ease of movement and better fit."  Need we say more?

Ear Warmer Headband

It does not get crazy cold in Texas, but a good ear warmer is a necessity!  We both love our Nike ear warmer headband!  It keeps the hair and sweat out of your face and your ears warm! 

Garmin Forerunner 305

We love the Garmin Forerunner 305!  It keeps the distance, pace, time, and about a million other things!  It has an online interface if you want to keep up with your runs on the computer.  You can also view the history from the watch itself.

MP3 Player

We are not super picky on the music device, but both enjoy having music for long runs.  Our new thing is to start the race music free and then turn it on when we are starting to struggle.  It is a welcome energy boost!  Angie loves this Sansa mp3 clip.  Just clip it to your shirt (or bra strap) and off you go!  Very small and light!

Amphipod Hydration Belt

For long runs and Texas summers you have got to have a way to carry your own water!  We both have the Amphipod hydration belt.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but is very handy!  We love getting to fly right by everyone at the water stops during a race!  It also has a handy pouch that will hold ID, cash, keys, chapstick, GU, or whatever else you might need during a long run!


GU is not used on a daily basis, but is needed to refuel during longer runs and races.  Angie likes the Espresso LOVE GU the best! 


Run Like A Mother was a huge inspiration for both of us.  If you're a mom this is a must read.  If you're not a mom read it anyway!  Great book that you will want to read again and again.  Find your inspiration whatever it might me (The Bitchy Runners blog?) and revisit it often!  It will keep you motivated, focused and ready to conquer the word!

A Running Partner(s)

Find at least one person to run with on a regular basis.  This is the only reason either of us get out of bed in the morning!  We work out together five days a week.  Then on the weekend we join a group of friends for a long run and coffee.  We look forward to our girl time and it helps keep running a priority in our life!  Make it fun and make it social!