Sunday, January 8, 2012

Then We Raced

Thanks for all the love over our Bitchy Runner Blog Eulogy Part 1.  It made me a little sad and nostalgic.  Glad to know I've made at least a couple of people smile with our stories and beautiful photography.  It really has been a fun journey.

Yesterday my alarm didn't go off and I missed P90X Yoga.  Dammit.  The rest of the gang somehow managed to do it without me.  When I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed I discovered, after a week of P90X and the elimination diet, I gained a pound.  Isn't that nice.  My energy level is up.  I'm feeling great.  I have to do the wiggle dance to get into my pants and suck it in to button em'.  Listen here body....we are NOT going to gain any more weight.  Capiche?

**Drum Roll Please**

The Bitchy Runners Eulogy Part 2 - Then We Raced

Originally we were planning to do a race per month in 2011.  We almost succeeded. 

 Jiggle Butt Run - 5K
This was a fun women's only race where we wore camo and tutus.
We won first place for the numbers not butt  WOAD...Weapons of Ass Destruction.
In late January we did the Too Cold to Hold 15K.

This was a fun race day.  We started with coffee.  I ran even slower than usual due to a hamstring injury.  We finished with massages and then greasy hamburgers and fries.
In February it was time for the Cowtown 10K.

Our first start line self portrait...a tradition was born.
March was the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon.

We decided we were cool enough for compression socks.
Randee's first half and my half PR.
April brought the Warrior Dash!  Are you ready to get muddy?  My Warrior Dash Review is the all time most visited post on the blog.  Warrior Dash is also one of the highest search terms.
So. Much. Fun.
Notice no Randee.  She does not do mud.  The rest of us are way cooler than her and had a fantastic time.  Even Ms. Thang Talia got all dirty and enjoyed it.  I'm planning to do this race in 2012 in my actual wedding dress.  It's 'trash the dress' 14 years (almost to the day) later!
In May we did Heels and Hills Half Marathon.

Entertaining ourselves while waiting in line for the port-a-potties turned out to be the highlight of this race.
This race was all kinds of horrible.  The path is BORING.  Oh yes, and there was rain and a shortened distance due to severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings.  Good times.
I also did the Mom's Run 5K with Trent in May.  It was our second year and we finished in under 30 minutes.  I was so proud of him for pushing through till the end.

The sad thing is there website is no longer working.  I'm thinking they may not do the race in 2012.  I'll have to find us another Mother's Day race to continue the tradition.
June was when we did our one and only bandit run.  We crashed the party of the Wounded Warrior race and ran our 9 miles scheduled for marathon training.

Three out of four of us were very hung over in this picture.  It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out which one of us didn't party it up the night before.

July was the Too Hot to Handle 15K.  And dang if it wasn't hot.

We all about died 189 times, but the ice cold rags at the finish were nice.
We didn't race in August.  Losers. It was only 187 degrees.  What was our problem?  I really think it was the fact we were running 16 - 20 miles every freakin' weekend getting ready for Chicago!

September we did the Heels, Hills and Him Half Marathon.

I hate when I look so much cuter than Randee on race day.  This day she was in rare form and I about kicked her butt out of the car before we even parked.  Lucky for her I found my inner happy place and put up with her for 13.1 miles.
Then you know what happened in October?

We won the Chicago Marathon.  Well maybe not won...but close.  We finished.
I loved the race.  I loved the long weekend we spent there.  I loved the company I went with.  I just all around loved it.  Heck, I even enjoyed Randee.
In November Talia and I lost our damn minds and ran the Fort Worth Marathon 20 miler.  Worst.  Race. Ever.  I disliked it so much I never even blogged about it or posted a picture.  That says a lot.
It was hot.  We were sad.  Our first race with just the two of us in over a year.
Talia and I ended the year with the White Rock Marathon.  It's a close tie.  I'm not sure if the 20 miler or this race was the worst.  This was definitely the hardest mental race I've EVER done.

This race had it all.  Rain.  Freezing temps.  26.2 miles.  What else could a girl ask for in a race to finish out such a fantastic year?
At least the medal is super awesome.
WOW!  Going down memory lane makes me want to sign up for a race!  Nothing in January this year.  Cowtown 10K in February will most likely be my first race.  Randee still swears she is never running again.  I must admit I feel a little sad to think our regular running adventures are coming to an end.  We were an unlikely quartet, but dang if we didn't have fun when we were together.

Randee The Bitch.  Photo greatness just pours from her palm tree hair.  She may be small, but she is feisty as hell.  No one has ever liked her the first time they met her, and she probably won't like you.  If you work at Starbucks there is a 99% chance you will make her coffee wrong, and dang if you misspell her name on the cup you better run for cover.

I' m the organizer and planner of the group.  Some might call me bossy, I call it helpful.  I'm sweet as pie and have nothing but nice things to say about everyone all the time.  Maybe not so much.  If I like ya, then you're golden.  If I don't, then just go away.  There is a 100% chance you will know how I feel about you.

Ms. Thang Talia is the girly girl of the group.  Full makeup and jewelry are required for all events, including marathons.  A little gangster.  A little couture.  Very high maintenance.  There is a 110% chance this girl will look good no matter what she is doing.

Little Brittany was the baby of the group.  Always giggling.  In the end faster than all of us.  She is also the only one that ended the year much skinnier than when it started.  Bitch.  There is a 1% chance I will ever beat her at a race.  I will have to hire someone to keep tripping her at every water stop so I can catch up.

Brittany + Angie + Randee + Talia = One Hell of a Good Time!


  1. Laughing and sad all at once. If you've got to leave us, this post is a great, great way to do it. Good luck!

  2. I'm so happy I found this blog! But sad to read that it's come to an end. You have inspired me to keep running. and maybe even start a blog about it. I wish y'all success in everything y'all do. Thanks for the laughs, y'all are hilarious!!

  3. Boo. Sniff. Will miss the posts, but I'll see you around. ;-)

  4. I need a tissue please. I'm procrastinating on getting caught up on these final blogs because I am in big, fat denial!!

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