Monday, January 2, 2012

One is one too many....

89 days to go.  Today we did day one of P90X.  It was back and arms.  If you have never done the program it is push ups / pull ups / repeat.  You do one millions variations of the push up.  Before each exercise you are supposed to pick a goal number to complete in one minute.  My goal was always one.  I rarely succeeded.  You then write down the date and how many reps you did to keep track of your progress.  We didn't write down the information today.  It's not hard to remember 0.  I guess we will start that next week.

Today also called for the Ab Ripper X.  Another killer.  Just image four girls grunting and bitching for 15 minutes.  

Apparently I will have before and after pictures that look like this in 90 days.  I don't know if I'm more excited about those abs or the perky fake boobs.

We did take some BEFORE pictures, but I promised not to share them until we had a jaw dropping AFTER to put next to them!

When we finished we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks.  It was my last VENTI NONFAT VANILLA LATTE for 90 days.  Sad face.

Cheri is joining us for the 90 day challenge.  She is super stoked about our 4:45am start time...starting tomorrow!
Julie says "hello."  I had a zit the size of Ethiopia on my face I was hiding with my coffee.
I was WAY too lazy yesterday to get to the grocery store.  I did that today after our workout.  Therefore, the elimination diet starts tomorrow.  My kitchen is now stocked with Rice Milk, Hemp Milk and Coconut Milk in regular, vanilla and chocolate.  Surely I'll like one of those!  The guy bagging my groceries at Tom Thumb asked me if I left anything for the other customers.  I guess he thought I purchased more than I needed.

Now let's rewind to New Years Eve.  We went over to Randee and Chad's house.  We brought the kids and a trunk full of champagne.

Doug was enjoying all the ladies.
Why yes, I am 12 foot tall.  By the way, I LOVE my hairdresser, but she cut my hair WAY too short this time!  C'est la shall grow.
Princess Randee and Talia with her boob necklace.
The mini bitchy runners had fun getting to stay up late and celebrate the new year.
 Tomorrow is back to reality.  Boo.  Hiss.  My lazy mornings are gone.  My late nights are gone.  My not having to herd the kids off to school is gone.  4:15am tomorrow my alarm will go off.  Woe is me.

The only thing I've registered for race wise in 2012 is to volunteer for the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas half.  I asked for the finish line.  Let me know if you are running so I can look out for you, and maybe but your hard earned medal round your neck!


  1. I think that the tan is the fabulous part! I bet a lot more ladies would be more excited about P90x if they knew about the orange glow they would have afterwards.

  2. The greatest accomplishment of the 90 days of P90x will not be the smoking hot body, but mastering the "after" pose. Who the hell stands like that?

  3. I'll be there!! The Rock N Roll Dallas was my very first half last year. So I wanted to run in it again this year:)

  4. What is this rice and coconut milk thing you're doing?

  5. If your boobs get perky and bigger thanks to the workout let me know - I'll start right away!

  6. Why yes you are 12 feet tall...I enjoyed that. I even laughed out loud.

  7. I'm 12 feet tall, too. Sometimes I forget that until I'm in a picture with somebody short.

    It would be really cool to have a group of friends to do P90X, but chances of me getting up at 4:30 regularly are low. If your before/afters show that kind of progress, though, I may change my mind. No pressure. :)