Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clockwork Orange!

Marathon Training Week 10 - Day 2

This morning I used Randee's bum knee as an excuse for us to skip our workout.  Her knee really is bothering her.  I was just tired.

I spent five hours last night scrapping off the wallpaper border in Audrie's room.
It was a beating.  Then I used spray primer over it just before collapsing into bed last night.  I'm surprised we didn't all die in our sleep from the fumes.

Audrie is away at camp.  She has been begging for an orange room for months now.  I was determined to surprise her with it when she gets home on Friday.

The kink in my plan is that I leave for Austin tomorrow morning.  I only had two days to get it all done.

I started painting about 9:00am this morning.

Trent helped long enough to take this picture.  Then he was done.
Audrie's room looked similar to this yesterday afternoon.

At 9 years old she informed me the light pink was waaay too "girly girl" for her!
It now looks like this...

I did not put anything over the bed because I plan to purchase her a set of bunk beds.

The ghetto fabulous table on the left is just her toy bin covered with a blanket.  I have full intentions of also buying a dresser with a mirror to put there.
The girl's drums, guitar and karaoke machine take up half the room.  I think when we get her furniture I am going to have to move the drum set to the garage.  Shh..don't tell Doug!

I'm super tired and glad it's done.  My next goal is to put down new flooring! 

Yesterday I also went to visit Talia at Run On.  Dang it!  I didn't take any pictures of Ms. Thang working!  But I did take these pics of myself trying on unflattering clothing.

Hard to tell...but this running skirt was flat in the front and pleated in the back.  Pleats are not my friend.
And since I have no shame, I tried this outfit on as a joke. 

Randee...I found our Chicago Marathon outfits.  Please excuse the love handles.
It's got red....and I even found these to match....

RED calf sleeves!
Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Austin for a quick overnight.  I probably wont get to post Whine and Wine Wednesday until late.  Don't let me down.  Get your whine and wine on.  Okay?

I'm off to bed.  We MUST run in the morning.  I'm out of town on Thursday and you know neither of us can work out alone.  Two missed workouts this week.  We really have to step up our game!


  1. Audrie's room looks good! Why didn't you use that stuff that you spray onto the wall paper that makes it peel right off. YOUR MOM is the one who brought it over to our place to use when we were remodeling.

    Talia works at a running store?

    The Tejas outfit gets two thumbs up from me!

  2. @Alecia - I did use the spray stuff. It was two layers thick, and even with that was a pain to get off! Yes, Talia just started at Run On.

  3. Love the orange room. I love doing kids rooms, they can be so fun and outrageous. Addie's room is polka dots... it was so fun to do. I LOVE the texas outfit, you should totally get it.

  4. I did the same stuff this week while my son was at camp... painted and redecorated his room. EXHAUSTING. Really. And the opposite of you, I dumped off his bunkbeds since the top bunk just ends up being junk storage. Love love the orange.

    And uh, the Texas outfit... I'll just say no comment. ;-)