Saturday, July 2, 2011

You're Gonna Do What With That Leaf?

Marathon Training Week 8 - Day 6

Today called for 11 miles.  Randee and I went to River Legacy Park and ran the trail.

Well, at least she started out with a smile.
We were waiting on the sun to come up so we could go out on the trail.  Too many wild animals for dark running!
The run started out okay, but went downhill fast!  A few of our issues along the way included my knee swelling and causing my form to go all to hell.  Randee's wine consumption on Friday night left her dehydrated and fighting side stitches off and on most of the run.  And one of us....might of had...some bowel issues along the trail.  Let's just say leaves make great toilet paper.  The adventures of long distance running!

Almost done....and hating life.
It was ugly, but we finished.  The weather was not horrible.  I actually felt pretty good today, it was just my darn knee!

When we finished for some reason we thought grocery shopping sounded like a good idea.  We took our stinky selves to Tom Thumb and proceeded to nauseate all of their early morning patrons.

Randee was gonna push me in the car buggy...but I didn't fit!
 We did grab a Starbucks and sit for a moment....and then on with our shopping.

We both hobbled to the checkout counter with a weeks worth of food and new sun hats.  Expect to see those modeled in my next post!
After putting the groceries away I bathed the stench away.  Now I"m blogging and icing. 

Hoping my knee issue is short lived.

A few days off and it sucks butt to jump back into marathon training.  This is my "marathon training sucks" just happens to be the same as my passing gas face.
I'm also considering a new fuel belt. 

Me and my Amphipod belt are about to break up.  It wont ride low on my hips and ends up right under my boobs on every run.

I'm thinking of trying this...

The iFitness Ultimate II Running belt....

...and than adding four of the 6oz water bottles.

 Who uses the iFitness belt?  Have you added water bottles?  I would love some feedback.

Oh  yes,

Has anyone found me this skirt yet?  Finding it is my new obsession!  I WANT NEED it for Chicago!
Now I'm off to lounge by the pool and sip wine.

Have a great Saturday! 


  1. I use a nathan belt. I don't know if would be any better though.

  2. I have the iFitness belt with the 2 zippers. It's awesome, I love it. And I have big hips and a small waist and it doesn't ride up. EVERYTHING rides up on me. I haven't tried the water bottles though. I don't like running with that around my hips. I'm a Camelback girl. And I've been carrying water bottles lately on my long runs, which will stop soon I'm sure because I hate carrying anything.
    I don't mind however, wiping my butt with a leaf if the situation presents itself.

  3. I love the iFitness race belt. Love it. I prefer handhelds for fluids, but I do have a separate iFitness belt with 2 water bottles that I plan to try the next 2 super hot races.

    If you need an extra Bitch next weekend, email me. Would be glad to run with ya!

  4. Sorry about the crappy 11 miles! At least you finished :) AND you went food shopping afterward -- you should get an award. I can barely tolerate standing in line at Starbucks without wanting to take all of the nasty-ass sweaty clothes off!

    I LOVE my iFitness belt! I have the ultimate - but have considered getting the water belt.