Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Coffee and A World Tour

Marathon Training Week 8 - Day 5

We had decided to do yoga to stretch out and be ready for our 11 miles tomorrow.  Randee overslept and I gladly went back to bed.  So now here I sit, sippin' coffee, blogging and no workout.  My arm fat flappin' as I type.

Once she got her butt out of bed, today started off pretty darn good for Randee.

The person in front of her in the drive thru a Starbucks paid for her coffee.  She returned the favor by paying for the person behind her!
Last night we registered for the Too Hot to Handle 15K on July 16.

We could really use a few more miles, but I'm itchin' to race!
Oh yes, and we finally booked our Chicago plane tickets!

Race registration confirmed, hotel reserved, plane tickets booked...I guess we really are going to run this thing!
Now to rewind a couple of weeks....a quick review of the tasty food and wine we had on our "World Eating Tour of 2011." 

Rules of the tour:  The restaurant had to be BYOB! The restaurant had to have good YELP REVIEWS.  The restaurant had to be CLOSE TO OUR HOUSE.  And...each night had to be a DIFFERENT TYPE OF CUISINE. 

Get your passport ready as we zoom around the globe!

Thursday Night

Restaurant:  Al Wadi Cafe

Cuisine:  Lebanese and Greek

Yelp:  3 1/2 Stars

Bitchy Family Reviews:

Two  thumbs up from Mom and Trent.

Two thumbs up from Audrie and Daddy.

2007 Pax Syrah Cuvee Christine.  See the Cellar Tracker review here.
Friday Night

Restaurant:  Cafe Sicilia

Cuisine:  Italian

Yelp:  4 Stars

Bitchy Family Reviews:

Doug and Angie two thumbs both big toes.

Trent two thumbs up / Audrie one thumb up due to lack of gluten free choices.
This Chicken Rollatini was died and gone to heaven good.  I think there might have been an entire gallon of cream in the sauce, but so worth every calorie!

2006 Domaine La Roquette Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  See the Cellar Tracker review here.

Saturday Night

Restaurant:  Everything German

Cuisine:  German

Yelp:  3 1/2 Stars

Bitchy Family Reviews:

Trent two thumbs up.  Audrie one thumb up due to limited gluten free choices.  Everything on the menu was marinated in beer.

Doug two thumbs up.  Angie one thumb up due to limited choices.  The German potatoes were very good and very salty.  Apparently all of the sodium went straight to my left boob.
We did all enjoy the gluten free homemade cream and warm berries for dessert.
2005 Chanson Pere et Fils Beaune 1er Cru Champimonts.  See the Cellar Tracker review here.

Sunday Afternoon

Restaurant:  Villa's Grill

Cuisine:  Brazilian Steak House

Yelp:  4 Stars

Bitchy Family Reviews:

Audrie two thumbs up!

Trent, who appears to be choking to death, and I both gave it two thumbs up.
Doug gave it two thumbs and one toe up.  He loves his meat!  (TWSS)
It looks kinda gross, but this grilled pineapple with cinnamon was delish!

2002 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain. See the Cellar Tracker review here.
Overall a great world tour!  I'm pretty sure the calorie count was somewhere right around 23,000,456, but it was definitely worth it!

It's Friday! Friday!

Has anyone every paid for your coffee in the drive thru?  Have you tried any hole in the wall BYOB places in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love your byob tour. I must try that here.

    The chicken dish looked amazing!

  2. Welcome back to blogland- I have missed your posts!

  3. Yay for booking to your tickets to Chicago! Paula and I need to book our rooms for Savannah, but doing that makes it REAL. Ha ha.

    Your restaurant world tour looks fabulous :)

  4. World tour looked fabulous. We've been hitting up the mom and pops around here. So far the Diamond Diner is our favorite. They have wonderful sweet potato fries.

  5. Nice... it IS a 2007 (not a 2000) Pax Syrah.

    This was fun and we need to do it again.

  6. I wanna be a bitchy runner on July 16th too.