Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Marathon Training Week 10 - Day 3

Today was supposed to be a 40 minute tempo run.  Neither of us had our head in the game.

We only ran two miles and then walked a mile.  Randee's knee was still giving her a little trouble.  My body is just all kinds of achy.  We had a million and one excuses as to why we were sucking butt this morning.

The temperature was a big part of it.  86 degrees at 4:45am and a heat advisory.
Perfect running weather....for me to poop on!

So I lied yesterday.  I said I would not get to post Whine and Wine Wednesday until late.  I'm supposed to be getting ready to head to Austin, but I decided to ice my knees and post first.   Priorities!


Are you comfortable?  This could take a while.

I really do wish I could poop.  I'm totally constipated and bloated.  All week I have been eating weird.  Not really hungry.  I've also been on the go and eating what  I can grab.  Ugh!  Come on bowels, get to work!

Oh yes, and my feet hurt.  I have two more toenails that I think I'm about to lose.  I have been wearing my Injinji toe socks.

Do you think this is making my toe issue better or worse?
Why are we sucking so bad at getting our workouts done right now?  Is it just the heat?  Are we in a mid marathon training funk?  I don't know, but it sucks.  We need to get over it and move on.  Would someone please volunteer to come kick our butts at 4:45am each morning?  Randee will let you motorboat her boobs as your reward.  Thanks.


Don't faint, but I have had no wine since Friday night.  My liver just posted this update on twitter:
The purple section must be empty. #boredsinceless
(If you're new to the blog, the "purple section" is the area of the wine cellar that I'm allowed to take wine from.  The other 200 bottles are non-drinkable. Stupid, I know.)

Tonight I will be going to dinner. There will be wine involved.  Perfect.

Alright, I've gotta pack, get dressed and get on the road.  So unlike me to be so unprepared.  It's gotta be the lack of wine, or the constipation or the heat.  Take your pick.

Happy Whine and Wine Wednesday!

What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I was gonna volunteer to kick your ass, until the whole motor boating thing, now I just feel dirty. But really I am available if need me to beat you up like I have all your life(remember the head to the computer screen incident) ;-)

  2. Green Tea!!!! That'll loosen you up!

    And now here I am to kick your virtual ass! (remember to do as I say and not as I do)

    What's the matter little girls? You need your mamma to come hold your hands every morning when you're feeling a little down?! Get up, dig the sand out, and get moving! I thought you were suppose to be bitches? Bold Individual That Creates Haters. Right now you sound more like a Ball les Ingrate That Cowers Humiliated.

    Now get out there and Bring In The Coveted Honor! (that one was a little lame)

  3. Eat some fiber woman! I've had the fiber chewable things since I was preggers and every once in a while you after a terrible weekend of eating, you need to pop a few.

    Think about the goal... finishing the marathon... maybe that'll get you going. I know during all my trainging runs I think of crossing the finish line at least once... I might start to cry and then realize I'm running around my neighborhood.

  4. If you can do your duty **cough-cough** I can do mine. I am standing by for motorboating on an as needed basis.

  5. Um, can I kidnap you while you're in town?! :)

  6. LOL - loving the SNL quote.

    I think your funk is the heat. It is SO hard to run right now. Why did we pick a race where we had to train during the summer? I think we both failed there.

    Also, wish I could help you on the pooping, but I need to do some of that myself.