Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Divin', Dancin', and Drinkin'!

Marathon Training Week 9 - Day 2

Today called for 4 miles at race pace.  Randee told me last night NOT to show up at her house this morning.  She was not getting up.  Fine then!  So we slept in & missed yet another workout.  Actually it is much needed on my part.  My leg is a little jacked up from trying to run 11 miles on Saturday with a hurt knee.  It was my right knee, but because my form was all to hell, my left hamstring is now barking.  I have a sports massage with Cynthia on Thursday and I'm gonna try and get into the chiropractor today.  I'm currently icin' and cussin'!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.  Here is a little recap of the shenanigans that took place at our house.

Randee and Chad were there.

Chuck and Cher were there...and Doug...Oh yes, and notice Randee again!

Talia and Luis were there.....And Randee...yet again!
The adults took pictures of ourselves doing goofy things while the kids swam.

Please don't notice the beer bottle in the background of this adorable picture of Audrie and Brayden.

Future runners...or hoodlums....we can't be sure.

Group shots.....not those kind of shots silly.....we had kids!

Is this our response to A)The men showing off their muscles, B) The men showing off their man boobs, or C) The men mooning us?

Is this the response to A) The girl's showing off their muscles, B) The girls showing off their assets, or C) Randee offering Doug a lap dance?
We grilled beef and chicken fajitas that were SO good!  Cheri made this awesome spicy Black Bean Salsa that about choked Randee to death...but was worth it!  We also had queso, guacamole and all the fixins'!  Delish!

All the kids were doing cannon balls.  I thought I would join the fun.

Oh mercy, here we go.
I think this is my version of the one leg tuck half cannonball with your mouth wide open...oh yes, and a 1/4 inch vertical leap.
Oh gracious, I appear to be able to only lift my right leg.  We now have the one legged toe touch....mouth wide open...but I'm thinking that vertical might be up to 1/2 inch.  Impressive!
Just in case you wanted to see the size of the splash before giving me a 10 on both of those jumps...here you go.
Randee wouldn't jump...so she did a little shimmy dance instead.

Self Portrait...our specialty!
Cheri was singing to Chuck, "if you want my body and you think I'm sexy..."...and I'm not sure if Luis is dead or alive in the hammock in the background.
What is going on here?  A) Randee is jealous because Talia wore full makeup and full jewelry to a pool party.  B) Randee is pouting because her wine glass was empty.  C) Talia was trying to steal Randee's grocery store sun hat.
Randee and Cheri did a little dancin' for us.  "I like big butts and I can not lie...."
The kids wanted to watch fireworks.  It is a tradition that I have a mild panic attack, and my kids and husband get on the roof.

The Ballpark in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers, always has a firework show at the end of the game on July 4th.  We have a perfect view from our house.

My dang iPhone wouldn't take a descent picture of all of the boys and kids piled on the roof.  But here is them on their descent.  Everyone survived.  Thank goodness!
Super fun night!  Great food.  Great wine.  Great friends.  Great laughs.  Oh yes, and great diving!

Happy Monday Tuesday!


  1. We tried to find a high spot to watch the fireworks at the speedway but I think we got there too late.

    Talia! Keep your hands off Randee's hat!

  2. What a great fun weekend! Hope you're back to norma soon!