Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, I happen to way oversleep this morning and left my great partner waiting for me at the gym.  Even though it was back to the boring going absolutely nowhere bike, I was looking forward to it. Probably because I ate whatever I wanted yesterday thinking I will get some use out of that damn bike and make my little legs peddal until they fell off!  So, here the calories just sit with me throughout my day.  You might be rolling your eyes thining "whatever" but here is the list of CRAP that I consumed yesterday.

Pigs in the blanket(the hot dog(with cheese) with the bread around it) I think that's what it's called
Ham and mashed potatoes-this was my left over from dinner 2 nights ago
Oh, about 5 donut holes--I never eat donuts!!!
and to top it all off, mexican food for dinner.  Considering our waiter was slow and overwhelemed(being he was about 85) I was able to polish off about 5 bowls of chips and salsa.  I should have stopped there but I went ahead and ordered my meal thinking I would take it home but I ate it ALL!!  I could barely move. I was completely miserable!  Top it all off, I went right to bed when I got home.  Oh, don't forget the 2 margaritas I had as well.

So, now you see why the bike was looking pretty good today!  I lost all will power yesterday or did PMS take over me.  Sorry Angie!!!  As a good partner does, she chose not to work out either!  We are going to be in good shape for the 15k we have on Sunday.

So tell us, how do you keep from eating the house down?


  1. You gave me a good reason to go home and ice the hammy and drink some coffee (and lets not forget a little facebook time!). Leg is getting better, but sore. I think it is from all the rubbin'. I'm so hopeful Sunday will go well. We need a boost to get us out of this January funk!

    4:50am there! :)

  2. "As a good partner does, she chose not to work out either!" Hahaha! She's got a good heart. Always thinking of others.

  3. @Alecia - I have a good heart just like Brad! :)

  4. Girl, work out to pig out! That's my motto! Hahaha but seriously, don't worry, we'll be looking good by summer, trainin like crazy for this here marathon! :D