Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Won't Back Down

Randee and  I have had a rough start since the new year!

My problems started when I did something to my hamstring during our first run of 2011.  It was a gorgeous day in Fort Worth and we ran four miles.   My legs felt tight, but I don't remember one defining moment that I knew I had hurt my leg.  However, since that time my hamstring has been really angry with me!  I need one of these....

Randee has been battling plantar fasciitis for a while.  This is supposed to be one of the worst injuries to overcome!  She keeps pushing on, and is hopeful that her new shoes will help!  Not sure how she would run, but she might need one of these....

So we both have done our share of bitching about the injuries.  We have rested.  We have ran when we should have rested.  We have been to the chiropractor...multiple times.  We have iced. We have heated. 

On Saturday we are going to see my friend Cynthia to let her try some deep tissue massage on our issues.  Hopefully her magic hands will make it all bettter!

Anyway, we will persevere!  We will not quit!  We will run Chicago!  Even if we look like this in the end....

We will finish!


  1. Hey honey, just wondering how in the hell you are posting these updates? Last time I checked, there was no laptop in the kitchen.

    Also, there is too much RF inteference to get a good Wi-Fi signal in the Laundry room?

    What gives?

  2. Hackett you're so funny! But I love you just because you commented and are following our blog. Unlike my dad!

  3. Come over Angie...I will give you my shock treatment. It works!!!! :)

  4. I had plantar fasciitis back in my running days, and it was a bitch to get rid of. So it shouldn't be a problem.

  5. Obviously I'm referring to the Blog name and not the characteristics of anyone in particular!

  6. Did someone say bitches? "The Dude" abides...

    Dear honey-angel-sweet-cakes,
    I came home to an empty house and no sandwich. Are you gonna ever stop running and make me a pie?


  7. Doug, you are awesome! Thanks for the chuckles! Great post Ang! We will overcome what we have become! After I heal from my kidney infection, my foot gets better and my knee quits hurting. How old am I? I am putting my money on Cynthia to make me feel like a young 30 something girl!