Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Run

Since Angie is my ring leader, I have no earthly idea how to run this damn site.  So, I can't give you my time on our recent race.  I can just tell you I did worse than my first.  To top it all off, a 70 something lady was right on my trail!  We been rising at the butt crack of dawn for the past 3mo and working our ass off and that's the best i can do!  I can't blame it on the foot or mucus problem i have going on considering i pretty much have had both of them since the beginning of our craziness to begin running.  I believe i just shot out of there like a profession bull riding champ and didn't run my race.  I will be running with those young biatches one of these days.  i don't want to beat them, i just want to run with them.  Problem two of the race, I didn't have my partner by my side.  I feel lost with out her pushing me!  I know she isn't giving up but I tell ya, I would walk in a minute if it wasn't for her busting our butts ever mile of the way.  So, this is why I am along for this ride because she finally got me off my ass and started running!  I hope you follow us along our way, because it's going to be a fun, interesting and BITCHY ride!

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