Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday Cont....

I could make a long whine list but I'll make it short.  My toe is in complete agony and looking pretty nasty!  I don't remember A ever complaining of this, hers just turned white and fell off.  Well, maybe my damn toe nails were too long trying to be all cute BUT I have learned my lesson.  Cute feet are gone through the running days!  I mean, look at my poor little toe.  Another thanks to the 15k and I am going to do a half and a full??  My body fell apart just on this short race!

It's just hanging on by the threads

I was trying to walk out the backyard to retrieve something and trying to make it through the mess that my boys chose to leave right in the way and i caught my damn toe on something after I stumbled from stepping on a matchbox car!!  I thought it was a gonner.  I had to gather myself back up and take a few breaths on that one.

After all that, I decided to sit and enjoy myself a nice glass of wine.  Not sure what it is, since I buy by how I like the label but it's pretty darn good.
I, like A let my son take a picture of me as well.

A bit blurred but not bad for 4

Eager to get back to our training or where we left off last year.  Regardless, we will always cross that finish line!

Cheers to all and let us know how your Whine and Wine Wednesday is.  We want to hear ALL about it.


  1. OMG...THAT LOOKS REALLY PAINFUL. I think you need to drink the entire bottle and the pain will go away.

  2. Mercy me! Tomorrow will be a good day...I just know it! Happy drinking! I'm taking my NyQuil/Wine self to bed! See ya in the morning!