Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prep Time

Look how beautiful!  This was taken while at the park today with my boys.  I had turned around to catch some rays and my imagination went crazy!  Yes, we will be turning some of our Saturday runs into some trail running!  Let's broaden our horizons.  Today would have bee perfect for it!

Here I am trying to talk myself into putting my foot into the ice water!  Yes, my foot really fits into a pot.  The pain is horrible and I can't keep my foot in there long enough for this to be doing ANY good for my PF.  I'm trying.

So, I grab my Time magazine to help me through it.  When did I stop being a Scorpio and become a Libra?  How does that happen.  Look out, this might be a whole new me.  You never know what you are going to get = )

Getting ready for my 15k tomorrow.  Not sure if I am ready for this or not. I just want to finish and glad that I will have my girl by my side.  Lord knows, I am going to need someone pushing me on this one.  I have gone from running 5k to 15k.  I will tackle the 10k next month.  Longest I have ran this far has been 6 miles.  We will finish!  Stay tuned for the outcome....

How do you prep yourself for a race?  I think I should have got me a new, cute outfit for it.

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