Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

So, I have decided that Wednesday's will be Whine and Wine days from here forward!  This is where you get to whine about whatever you want....and then send us a picture of you sippin' wine and we will post it.  Or you can share your favorite wine.  Or you can just whine.  Whatever floats your boat!

A's whine of the day...this freaking hamstring.  The knot was gone yesterday from the back of my leg when I went for my sports massage.  However, my left side (on the outside of the thigh) has been super achy today. I hope this is just part of the healing process.  I WILL RUN ON SUNDAY!  Okay, I won't be stupid and hurt myself more.  But, I WILL RUN ON SUNDAY!  That is my daily mantra for the week!

And for wine....I have yet to leave work, but as soon as I get home I will post a picture of me sippin' on something good!  I'm sure I will add some hummus and nut thins just like every other day of the week!

 These things are the bomb!  I go through about three boxes a week!

This is my favorite hummus!  It is basically my dinner  every night.

Happy Whining and Wining Wednesday!


Randee stopped by so we could have our Whine & Wine Wednesday together!

 edited again....

Then Randee went home and tried this here yummy wine!  We love Whine and Wine Wednesday!

So what is your Whine and Wine for this Wednesday?


  1. I'll have try the Sabre. But for now TJ's original hummus is the best! Oh, and I'm going to whine about my husband still not being home from work and I'm just sitting here waiting in my running clothes!

  2. Well, no wine tonight...but a white russian for sure! Lemmme see whine...uh not much to whine about...being at home is nice. Oh wait, yes I do have some winning! $100 dollars a day sucks ass!!!

  3. I can't tell you how refreshing your blog is. Everybody is always so positive! I would like to whine about how my knee is getting better and, as if on cue, my hip has started to hurt again. (You should know that by hip I mean butt muscle.)

  4. My whine is that Randee was here drinking MY wine and I did not get a drop of it. I have an idea for a RACE for you two though!
    Next Whine and wine Wednesday, as soon as I walk in the door, you two should RACE to the kitchen and make me a delicious sandwich. The winner gets a spanking! The loser also gets a spanking.

  5. I love Whine and Wine Wednesday!

    @Alecia - I hope you got your run in at some point today!

    @Talia - $100 a day does suck, but enjoy your time off!

    @Laura - Glad you found us! Sorry about the hip (aka butt) muscle!

    @Doug - Shut your mouth or you will be uninvited to Chicago!

  6. I don't understand... don't these women have bathrooms to clean?

  7. Duane brings up an interesting point that warrants serious attention.

  8. Are we going to have to ban all men from running and blogging?

    @Duane - at least you could follow us to make us feel better!

  9. Don't these men have oil filters to change and toilets to occupy? (oh, snap!)