Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Homer Simpson Randomness

Workout:  Yogilates

Sit back, relax and be ready for some total random thoughts.

1.  Marathon training starts Monday!

Amazon book delivery, wine, water, Nut-Thins and Hummus!
 2.  I ordered half a million books to help me get ready to train.  Expect some book reviews soon.

Don't mind Homer Simpson in the background.

3.  I will write a Heels and Hills Half race report one day.

I got a waterproof camera due to all the rain.  I've been to lazy to get the pics developed. 

We did meet Lesley from Racing It Off.
4.  My son broke his glasses...again.  Third time since January.  Momma was not a happy camper.  So I made him play dressup.

Harry Potter

What I'm buying him if he breaks another pair.
5.  My former marine husband was super patriotic yesterday.

6.  A friend just sent me this old picture of me.  It should motivate me to keep from licking the bottom of the hummus container.  Just call me chipmunk cheeks. 

Mercy me.  What the heck is on my head?  And why did someone not tell me to stop eating?
That's all the randomness I have time for.  I have half a million books to read!


  1. i want to see the marathon diet book!!! and wow u have lost alot of weight!! good job hackett lady!!

  2. You ladies ARE masters of the self-portrait... unbelievable that all our heads are in that photo!

    So.... which marathon???

  3. The non-runner's marathon guide is hilarious. I bought it for myself after Christmas, then thought, "Hey, I AM a runner! I don't need this book." Then I promptly left it laying around my house for 4.5 months until it was too late to return it. Then a friend emailed me and said it was a good read. Which it was. Maybe not a whole lot of new information since you're already a runner, but I think being a runner makes you appreciate the humor in a lot of what she says that much more.

    Anyway, enjoy.

    I'm already looking for a new marathon to do. Sigh. It may be a sickness.

  4. It looks like a lot of good reads for recovery days. Which marathon do you plan on running?

  5. @Brittany - I told you I was fat! If you will notice, I also have boobs that are real...and not all bra padding!

  6. @Lesley - great to finally meet you. We do enjoy the self portrait!

  7. @Kate - I just started that book and LOVE it!

  8. @Mike - Chicago Marathon - October 9th! OH MY!