Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Unusually Unbitchy Post...What's Up With That?

This weekend I have began my healthy eating plan.  It's not really a detailed plan, just a conscious decision to try and eat as much fresh and healthy foods as possible.  From my reading materials...

Remember my stack of books I purchased a few weeks ago?
...and from some of my favorite nutrition blogs...

Like Cotter Crunch
...I have gathered some great nutritional advice, both for marathon training and eating gluten free.

Here is a sampling of what I have been chowing on this weekend.

Greek yogurt with granola and fresh strawberries and blueberries.
I'm not a huge fan of Greek yogurt, but I'm trying to acquire a taste.  It's a bit bitter to me.  But I totally love everything else in this bowl!

By the way, the weather has been fan-FREAKIN'-tastic this weekend.  I have enjoyed multiple meals out by the pool!

Doing lazy things like reading "Better Homes then Yours," (as Doug refers to it).
I had some flank steak in the refrigerator that I HAD to cook or it was going to go bad.  I cooked it in my griddle skillet with Pam olive oil and it was not bad.

Flank steak with salsa and veggies and hummus.
I was going to a girly party on Saturday night, so I ate this before I went.  This kept me from thinking I was starving to death.  I did much on a few unhealthy Fritos, but otherwise controlled myself.

At the party we played games using items such as bananas, condoms, whipped cream and cherries.  This is the only picture you get from the night!  Use your imagination on the rest.
I spent too much time on Sunday trying to decide how to remodel my kitchen cabinets.  Any ideas?
Then I made some super yummy dinner.  It was 4:00pm, but we still called it dinner.  I was hungry.

Sliced chicken breast tossed with olive oil and taco seasoning.
Audrie makes some mean guacamole.
I sauted onions and cut up fresh tomatoes and cilantro. 

These were the toppings for our soft tacos.
We piled all the goods on corn tortillas.  It was OMG good!
I know, I know.  I said wine only on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  I have decided that I will add Sunday to the list.  With warm weather, the pool and summer....I have to have wine on Sunday.

Audrie agreed it was the best soft taco. Ever.

Marathon training week 2 starts tomorrow.  This next week you can look forward to me finally doing a book review for 'The Non Runner's Marathon Guide for Women'...I hope.  And....drum roll please....a guest blog.....

From Ms. Diva Runner herself...Talia.
I'm super excited to see what she has to say!  I'm sure she will share some great tips on running in full makeup and reapplying lip gloss on the run.  Oh yes, and how NOT to sweat.

Alright, this post has been way to positive.  It's time for me to go find something to bitch about.

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Hey, I am your new follower. Why do you need to remodel your kitchen! I'd love to have a kitchen that looks like that. lol

  2. look at ikea's kitchens, you get some good ideas.

    Doug should post a good joke about how great your taco looks. Don't let me down Doug!

  3. 1) that food looks amazing but
    2) I read this as "an unusually bitchy post" and spent the rest of the time wondering when the b factor would come in...then I read the title again=)

  4. Angie's Taco is so good. I like it when it goes in my mouth because it is so tasty and warm. I even enjoy Angie's Taco outside (weather permitting) sometimes! Angie's Taco can be versatile too, it just depends on what you want to put inside of it. Sometimes you might be in the mood for one thing or you might be in the mood for another, and sometimes you might be in the mood for a whole bunch of stuff inside Angie's Taco. It doesn't matter, because Angie's Taco never disappoints.
    Looking back at this post, you should re-read it with an "s" each time you encounter the word "Taco" above, but I refuse to use the backspace key in this comment.

  5. Way to go Doug. You did not disappoint.

  6. I like the fage greek yogurt. I tried others and they make me gag...I can only find the Fage at Tom Thumb.

  7. Hee - I love Doug's comment about your taco. I have to say - your taco does look good. Ha ha.

    Good luck with Week 2 of training!! I will be joining you very very soon.

  8. I really like The Non Runners Guide to Marathon Training. I think I will re-read it as I start my training next month!

  9. I too dislike Greek yogurt. But I find "Better Homes than Yours" pretty funny!!!!