Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Marathon Training - Day 4

Today called for Jillian Michael's 'No More Trouble Zones'.  It went something like this....

Thankfully this only  happens once a week.  It's a beatin'! 

The montage above was inspired by Cely's post yesterday at Running off the Reeces.  (Also, please don't notice my crappy Photoshoping today.  Time was limited!)

I know you came here for your weekly thrills, so let's get started...shall we.

Thrill 1:

I have been wanting to do a weight post for awhile.  However, my weight has not been what I wanted it to be.  Finally, I said screw it.

So here it current weight.
No your eyes are not failing you.  That really does say 145.7.  I would like to have my racing weight at 135.  Healthy eating plan starts on Monday.  Less wine consumption happened this week.

Oh yes, and I will share my steps to successfully weighing yourself.

  1. Do it first thing in the morning before eating anything.
  2. Poop
  3. Get naked
  4. Say a prayer and step on the scale
  5. Depending on the number you see, do one of the following
    • Jump for joy!
    • Throw a tantrum!

Thrill 2:

My feet have bunions.  Wow, I've already shared my weight and my deep dark bunion secret with you today.  But I have discovered a product that I LOVE!

Pedifix Visco-Gel Bunion Guard

You just hook it around your big toe.

It conforms well to your foot.
Then you put your shoes and socks on and you are ready to go!  I only wear this when working out.  I purchased them in October from here.  Less then $10, and I have not had a bunion issue one since wearing them.  I have the L/XL size, but I have amazon toes (I'm sure you could tell from the pictures above.)

I will admit toe socks can be challenging to get on over these things, but it can be done.

Thrill 3:

Do you remember this picture from yesterday?

If not, go read Whine and Wine Wednesday here!
Well, when I got home I was determined to reenact this scene.  I begged my daughter's help.  I got the wine and a  glass and was ready to go.

Don't be jealous of my 1/2 inch vertical, and what the heck happened to my neck?

I'm pretty sure if this one wasn't blurry it would be awesome.

Are you getting dizzy yet?
By this time Audrie was freaking out.  She was very concerned I was going to drop the wine bottle.  Um, Hello!  Do you really think I'm gonna waste this wine I have been dreaming about all day?  So we agreed to do this....

Pretend jumping.  Now let's drink!

I successful opened the bottle (think champagne top....poooop!).  WooHoo!


What's trilling you this week?


  1. Ha! had to comment that the ad underneath this posting for me was for "hammer toe surgery". I'm about 10 pounds above my ideal racing weight too but unlike you, I'm just not caring much. Maybe that will change once summer gets here... wait, it's already here? oh damn.

  2. ahahahahaha love it! And here's to us being skinny in Chicago!!

  3. Ah, I'd be jumping for joy and celebrating with wine if that's what my scale read. :) The pretend jump picture is really cute.

    My weighing strategy looks a lot like yours, except if I don't like the answer I'll try again. Once, I tried again after peeing and was heavier. WTF??