Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweatin' Out the Garlic

I'm not sure when I became Ms. Martha Freakin' Stewart, but I can't stop taking food pictures all the sudden.  I'm not sure if the family is more freaked out about me actually making dinner, or me photographing the entire process.

I grilled shrimp with fresh garlic & then added left over chicken and sauted onions from last night.

I LOVE garlic.  Just ask Randee.  She has spent many a morning bitchin' about about me reeking of garlic while we run.

Just one more reason for this look.
Anyway, my mom told me about this....

You just keep this bag in the refrigerator.

It's already peeled and ready to go.
Then I set up a salad bar for the family to make their own.  Now if they would just clean up after themselves we would be good.

Spring Mix and Spinach

Sprouts, Feta Cheese, Cilantro, Red Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Broccoli and Cucumber

The kids dug in faster then I did.
I tried this Fat Free / Gluten Free dressing for the first time.  Not bad!

I'm still not getting enough carbs.  This is hard for me!  Eating gluten free for almost a year now, I'm used to cutting out most carbs.  I will be making a conscious effort to get more in as our mileage increases.

Now I am icing my shoulder.  Remember, my rib keeps popping out....better then my boob popping out I guess.

Ignore my crazy eyes and pretend smile.  Focus more on my wrinkly neck.
Another shameless plug:  So, Doug tells me I need to put a link right here for people to use to make voting for the blog super easy.

Or you could press here!
Just vote....please!

WooHoo!  We survived Monday!


  1. I voted for your garlicy taco.

  2. So you're obsessed with running and garlic! I'm so glad you found me! It's the simple things in life ;) Newest followe!

  3. Okay, I just used your link to vote...I didn't realize I was that lazy.

  4. That Christopher Ranch Garlic is the BEST!! My bf came home from the store with it the other day and we use garlic in EVERYTHING!!! Really it is THE BEST!

  5. @Cara - welcome! Yes, Garlic and running are both high on my list of the good things in life!

  6. @Allison - I agree..It's the bomb!