Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Marathon Training Week 3 - Day 3

Today was supposed to be 800 repeats.  It did not happen.  See whine below.


This week has been "A WEEK."  Lots of drama, and I don't like drama.

Monday afternoon I was tired and cranky all day.  Some might have called me a bitch on wheels.  It was bad.  After work I thought a glass of wine might simmer me down....even though I said I would not drink on Mondays.  Well, I should have adhered to my plan.

Lets just say I took a sip of wine.  Fell asleep on the couch holding the wine glass.  Woke up to a loud noise.  Stood up quickly and....

The wine and the glass went flying.
For the rest of the night I pouted and laid on the couch.  Oh yes, and caught up on Biggest Loser via

Then came Tuesday.  The day was uneventful, but the evening was drama city.  I had to go back to work at 6pm, just as crazy storms were moving in.

The clouds started looking like this.

Then the baseball size hail started falling.

Tornado sirens were going off all over the metroplex.
When I went outside to leave work I found my car's back window was smashed all to hell from the hail.  We waited around at work for about an hour and then finally got the word, if we wanted to dart for home we had a small chance before another line of storms moved in.

At the exact same moment I got on the road, Doug was watching possible rotation over our house.  He was freaking out I was driving home.

Then going down the highway, my back window blew completely out.  Freaked me out!  Rain and small hail was coming into the backseat.

I made it home safe and sound, and found this....

The family hunkered down in the bathroom.
I will need a new front windshield and back window.  There is some body damage and backseat damage due to water and glass.
However, the family was all safe and that is all that really matters!

One last whine:  I'm losing the contest.

You could improve my mood by voting here!

Alright, I'm tired of whining.  Let's get to the good part!


Tonight I am having Senda 66 Tempranillo.  This is our third bottle, and the best by far.  The first two did not impress.  However, I"m not sure it would take much tonight to make me happy!

A couple of other things to make you go Hmmm....

I had this salad from Urban Eatery for lunch today and it rocked my socks off.  Very good!
And I woke up to find this....

My weight is down 1.7 pounds.  I'll take it.
Happy Wine and Whine Wednesday!


  1. That storm looks scary! Glad you are alright

  2. Yikes! Sounds scary! Glad you guys are OK.

    You have not had the best week, huh? Hope it only gets better. Woo-hoo for weight loss!

  3. Holy crap that hail! I would have freaked out on the ride home. Glad you made it there safely.

  4. oh my god! That hail thing happened to my best friends mom with her 13 & 14 year olds in the car back seat here in Illinois! SO SCARY! glad you made it out OK! Love the blog and again so happy you're alright, can't believe the size of those (that's what she said).

  5. Whine: This post took entirely too long.
    Wine: Does apple juice count?

  6. That hail is wicked looking.