Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Ain't No Hick

Marathon Training Week 3 - Day 6

Today called for 7 miles at 11ish pace.  It was near 80 degrees with some humidity and wind.

We ran downtown Fort Worth.  Somehow we found this hill.  No more hills!

Kudos to Randee for sharing her boob sweat with us.
Me dying for the 189th time.
Little Brittany was not impressed with our dying.  She was ready for coffee.
We ran at our 'slower than your granny' pace again.  Hey, the training plan says "slow and conversational" pace.  So that's what we did!

Yes Randee, you really should get those eyebrows waxed.
I grabbed Randee's coffee for her, and forgot to get one of those brown thingies that go around the cup.  She was "Ms. Attitude" about it.

So, I had to proudly display my brown thingy, that I did not forget to put around my own cup.  What's up with the one chunk of hair flapping around on my forehead?

Both of 'our' outside tables were full when we arrived.  Rude.  Don't they know those tables are reserved for the Bitchy Runners on Saturday mornings?  Finally they left and we got to relocate outside.  It was a good thing.  We were really starting to stink up the place.

Lots of good people watching today.  There was the repeat crazy man who carries lots of bags and today was all decked out as Uncle Sam for Memorial Day.

Then this ol' man came to talk...and wouldn't go away.
Curious George wanted to know if we were runners.  No, we just sweat a lot sittin' here drinking our coffee.  Then he wanted to know where our sticks were.  What?  "To keep away the boys."  Oh.  Then he proceeded with his creepy laugh and said, "I might be married, but I ain't blind."  Then Mrs. Curious George walked out and he shut up and walked away.

Last night the kids wanted to go out and celebrate being promoted to the 4th and 6th grade.  I'm pretty sure they are getting older and I'm just hanging out at 29.  Audrie and I selected Boston's because we love their gluten free pizza.

That's some good stuff!

I jumped on that thing like a wild woman.  It was soooo good!
I washed it down with this tasty Mango Margarita.

Doug wouldn't pose for poo on you Doug.

Let's just say Trent did not leave hungry.
Um yeah, and the temp was 100 degrees yesterday.  Great.
In other good news, my car has a windshield and back window again.

Mr. Auto Glass Fixer Man working away.
I still have to deal with the dents, and I realized my back speaker no longer works due to water damage.  I've got an appointment on June 6th to deal with all that.  At least it's drivable again!

I'm off to run to Target with Little Brittany.  Let me leave you with this.  A video of me and my possibly hick self.  My running peeps are constantly making fun of my word choices.  Since I have no shame, I'm putting it here so my 2 loyal blog readers can weigh in.  Am I a hick?

Have a FUNtastic Saturday!

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  1. If you liked the outdoors I would say yes, definitely hick. But I will say that you are only 15-25% hick. It's a byproduct of being raised in Tom Bean, Tx. It's inescapable, I've tried.

    Your love of wine, room service, and hummus detract from your hickness.

  2. @Doug - hey, you're supposed to be on my side!

  3. @Alecia - I couldn't agree with you more. It's official. I'm not a hick!

  4. I will accept Alecia's more detailed, dead on analysis, (15% - 25% hick) which supports my more simple analysis. If you are either hick or not, 15% sustains my original formula...


    I love you and your "hickishness".

  5. Doug is 15-25% White Trash given his love of 80's rock and the EYC.

  6. Lovin' the boob sweat! Gotta love marathon training huh?