Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Marathon Training Week 3 - Day 4

Thursday = Jillian Michaels Beat Down.

Randee thought we were taking pictures to submit to Playboy magazine.  Come to momma!
I had a mouth full of protein bar, so I was trying to smile and not choke.
Jillian once again succeeded at kicking our butts.  Lunges.  Planks.  Squats.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  It all sucks.  Hopefully our butts and thighs will thank us later!

I'm rockin' my SkinnyRunner shirt today.
I'm off work this morning to attend Trent's awards ceremony at school.  That means I get to enjoy some blog time and coffee before having to get dressed.

Udi's gluten free bread with peanut butter and blueberry jelly...oh yes and coffee in a monkey cup!
You ready to be thrilled? 

Thrill 1:

According to facebook and my husband, the Dallas Mavericks are doing good.

They have made it to the next round of the NBA playoffs, whatever round that might be.  I realize it would be super easy to look that info up, but that is way more effort then I wish to exert this early in the morning.

Ms. Thang is a fan, as her facebook profile pic shows.

My friend Cheri (you will learn more about her in a minute) is a HUGE fan.

I couldn't find a picture of her in Mav's attire, so I thought this one of her gettin' down on the dance floor was the next best thing.
Thrill 2:

I don't highlight my non-running friends enough.  I'll introduce you to two of them today.

Meet Cheri on the left and Gloria to my right.
Both ladies are neighbors and good, fun friends.

You talkin' to me?

Put your hands in the air, and wave em' like you just don't care.
It rocks to have great girlfriends!

Thrill 3:

This Monday is Memorial Day.  You know what that means?

Pool Parties!
Summer is almost here!  Whoot!

Alright, that's all I have for today folks. 

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Have a Thrilling Thursday!


  1. Wish we lived closer - we'd totally hang out :) Your friends look so fun!!

    Happy Thursday :)

  2. YACHT CLUB!!!!
    Randee you are soooo sexy baby...Angie..that is so a Audrie pose..and Ms. Thang I love the shirt Go Mavs!! You missed a great game Ms. Hackett


  3. Randee should head over to the Richard Simmons Sweatin With Oldies auditions.