Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Day 3 of Marathon Training:

I forgot to set my alarm.  Randee was already outside when I woke up.  I didn't even brush my teeth.  I was grossing myself out while running.

What the hell?  Randee was all smiles.  I think it was the cute new skirt from the RnR Dallas expo.
 Today called for 3 hill repeats.

This was our hill.  We live in Texas people.  This is a freakin' mountain to us.  Very dark and very long.  Enough to kick our butts.
Moving on to the good stuff.


I have to say I am in much better spirits this week then last.  This is a good thing for all the individuals who interact with me on a daily basis.

However, you know me. I can always find something to whine about.  Today it is my shoulder pain.  The issue is actually that my rib is out of place again.  It causes a stabbing and burning pain right in the center of the upper back.  If you squeeze your shoulder blades together...right the middle of that area.  The chiropractor adjusted me on Monday.  The massage therapist in his office said I was full of knots in my shoulders.  Hmmm...I have no idea what I did this time to cause such an issue!

Alright, enough of that.


So, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to limit my wine intake while marathon training.  Stupidest. Idea. Ever.  I am allowing myself wine only three days a week.  Wednesday of course, and Friday and Saturday.

I have had no wine since Saturday.  Because of this I have been craving wine like an insane person.  Just call me whine-o.

I am salivating just thinking of the Mirabele sparkling wine chilling in my refrigerator waiting on momma to get home.  I'm pretty sure I will be licking the glass and the bottle for every last drop.

My evening will be something like this.  Minus the gorgeous water, white sand beach and palm trees.
What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. You and Randee can be the morning Crime Watch...
    Happy Wine Day...

  2. Puh-lease girl. Marathon training REQUIRES wine drinking. Just don't drink so much you get dehydrated before a long run! ;-)

  3. For some reason this made me think of Cougartown, but in a good way. Personally, I drink my wine from a glass the size of my forearm...and I'm not tiny.

  4. Whine: I didn't run yesterday, and unless I subject myself to the dreadmill, I won't be running today.

    wine: hmmmm, I could take my 2buck Chuck to your parents house tonight, or I can drink whatever white wine BD has on hand. descisions.

  5. @Lesley - Wine in moderation...that is what I'm trying to do. I'm also trying to take off a few pounds. Figured cutting back on the wine couldn't hurt...anything but my sanity!

  6. @Glo - the neighborhood was quiet this morning.

  7. @Kat - Nothing wrong with a large wine glass, heck there is nothing wrong with sippin' right from the bottle!

  8. @Alecia - Tell the fam hello....and of course drink the mother-in-law's wine and save yours!


    This is what the bitchy runner is drinking right now... it is good.

  10. Mmmm sparkling wine during a weekday!! Jealous :)

    I'm drinking my Cupcake Red Velvet. Yum. Gotta "pound grapes" (that's a Cougar Town reference if you don't watch) on Wednesdays!

  11. Woman, the sternocleidomastoid muscle can become injured if you don't use your kitchen utensils frequently enough. I'm just sayin'.

  12. I don't know who this so-called "Duane" fella is, but he sure does bring up a cogent argument.

  13. @Duane & Doug....the male private area can become injured from messing with a bitchy runner. I'm just sayin'.