Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Marathon Training Week 2 - Day 4

Today is "Let Jillian Kick Your Butt" day.  It's my least favorite day of the week.

I died 182 times during the 40 minute video.
Randee tried her best to oversleep, but still made it in time.
When we were done we had a very comical episode of me trying to kill an enormous bug on the ceiling in the entry hall.  It involved a broom, lots of girl squealing and waking up Doug.  It sucks that we have no pictures to share.  But I won the battle with the bug...that's all that really matters.

Thrill 1:

Today is Ms. Thang's birthday!

Happy Birthday Talia!
The Bitchy Runners will be taking her out to celebrate tomorrow night.  You know there will be a fun blog to read on Saturday morning!

Thrill 2:

I was channeling Rachael Ray last night and cooked this meal up in under 30 minutes.

I love these sweet potato fries!
Tuna sandwich with lettuce, sprouts and tomatoes on an Udi's gluten free bagel.
Super good, and I even ate on a real plate for once...not throw away!

Thrill 3:

I'm thinking of getting solar nails again.

I had them last summer when we were in Mexico.  Look how long that straw is for that itty bitty cup.

Should I or shouldn't I?  I do have horrible and horrendous finger nails!

From one shameless bitchy runner to another...did you vote today?

If not, click here to vote!

That's all I've got for today.

Happy Thrilling Thursday!

Leave a comment and wish Talia a Happy Birthday!

Also, Solar Nails or No Solar Nails?


  1. Better question: What are solar nails? < --- clueless

  2. Solar nails area basically acrylic nails, but they don't paint them. The powder has the different colors to give a natural or french manicure look. I like mine really short with natural nail coloring.

  3. Happy Birthday Talia..Have a great day

    Angie have you tried the gel nails? It is several layers of polish on top of your nails and they put your nails under a UV light.

  4. Happy Birthday Talia!!! Make the bitchy ones buy you a glass of wine! ;-)

  5. I've never heard of solar nails.

  6. I say you should... use the real plates more often vs the disposable!

  7. I don't know if you get the comments any more, but... I had to ask, I did the Maui half marathon a couple of weeks ago and I could have sworn I saw someone that looks like Talia at the half. I was too embarrassed to ask her if she was a bitchy runner.