Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marathon Training - Bitchy Runners Style

We are on day 2 of marathon training.  We were supposed to do yoga this morning.  Randee's son was up sick all night.  Needless to say, this was all the excuse we needed to sleep in. My goal is to turn myself into a pretzel after work.

I thought I would share our training schedule with you.  As with all our running, we are taking this very seriously.

We plan on doing lots of racing to prepare for the marathon.  Please notice Doug chasing us.
We will spread the word of our marathon training and promote the always enjoyable sport of running.

Wouldn't you want to run with us?  Please notice who got the biggest boobs.
However, we have learned that you have to make things fun.  So we have made sure to schedule plenty of good times into our plan.

We will have a few nights out dancing. I'm expecting my butt to start looking so good I will have it hanging out most of the time.

Randee wants to put her new rockin' body to good use.

She will begin doing belly dancing on the weekends.  A little extra cash to buy more compression socks.
We also want to make sure we get plenty of rest.  We have one beach trip planned.

Nothing but white tiny bikinis for us this year.  Of course Doug will tag along and him and I will be making out in the water while the girls put on a modeling show.
Then come October 9 we will be well trained, well rested and ready to run.  We will show 26.2 who's boss.

Of course I will win the race and the prize money.

Oh, what an exciting journey this is going to be.

 Update:  SUAR is having a kick butt giveaway for a Champion jacket and shorts. Go check it out here.


  1. Lmao Angie! Im crackin' up over here! But yes, we will be showing 26.2 who's boss!!!

  2. If I had those bikini bodies, I would totally run a marathon in one. With a Spibelt of course. I mean, I have SOME standards.

    Me and Michelle's marathon is 11/4 - the Savannah Rock n Roll. :-) I am looking forward to NOT running a race alone, I will have to say. It will be fun with someone by my side.

  3. Love this!!!! Hilarious! Enjoy the training and the resulting bikini bod.

  4. Love this! Your marathon training plan looks like way more fun than mine was!

  5. I am seriously impressed with the photoshopping skills. Oh and I really want a pretzel now (the salty, warm, dipped in mustard kind, not the yoga kind) ((although the salty and warm fits both... good save, mustard))

  6. OMG this had me laughing!! good one Angie!! we have some pretty nice bodies i must say!

  7. loving my Bikini Bod! Sub 5, here I come!!!!

  8. That is too awesome! What a fantastic plan!!

  9. Hahaha! This post made me laugh! I especially liked the part about having your butt hang out most of the time.

  10. Now that's my kind of marathon training plan!!