Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Moms Run Race Review

This morning Trent and I ran our second annual Mom's Run 5K for Mother's Day.

This year the event moved from a park in Flower Mound to Irving Convention Center.

They had race day packet pickup only.  I only registered for this race about a week ago.  That is totally strange for me.  It was only $35 for both of us.  Not a bad deal.

The bling is a little boring, but it's not bad for the price of the race.  They also give every mom a carnation as they cross the finish line.
I have been running much larger races and got us up and out the door by 6am for the 8am start.  That was definitely overkill.

We hit Starbucks on the way...of course...and were parked and ready to go by 6:30am.

We set in the car for a bit while Trent slept and I sipped my coffee.
 When we finally moseyed in, we were the very first people to pick up our packets.

It a relatively new building.  Trent loved the tall escalators.

Packet pickup was on the 2nd floor patio.  It had a great view.
The weather was in the 70's and gorgeous.  It was windy, but you felt it more on the balcony then during the race itself.

Trent entertained himself by exploring the entire convention center.

I was just super excited because they had real bathrooms!
They also had a cafe open where you could purchase breakfast and coffee!  Awesomeness!

Outside they had a variety of snacks...that Trent enjoyed.

....and he kept trying to get me to enjoy with him.
Before the 5K they have a 50 yard dash for kids 6 and under.

Super cute!  And they give all the kids a medal for finishing.
The cutest little girl, around 3ish, stopped her Dad who was trying to run beside her and said, "stay, this is MY race."  She then ran her heart out to the finish line as her dad looked on.

Last year I told Trent just to run and I would keep up.  He did a sprint, stop, repeat all the way to the finish line.  Our time was round 32 minutes.

This year I talked him into letting me pace us.  I figured we would try to stay around 10 minute miles and then I would let him sprint in at the end.

He did awesome!

He is doing the moon walk here in the middle of the race.
It was a super flat course and we maintained a 9:30 pace.

We finished in under 30 minutes and we were both super excited about that.
We were the 15th team overall, out of 52.  Not to shabby.  You can run as an individual or as a team.  I think they had about 200 individual runners, so only about 300 runners total.  A very small, but fun race.

Great way to start my Mother's Day weekend!  I love this new tradition.  Maybe Audrie will be ready to join us next year.


  1. Dang! Alaurie would have loved the 60yd dash!

  2. Hahaha! I love the little girl story! I also make it a habit to get to races way too early.