Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Let's just get right to the whining shall we.


I have looked like this all week.
Grumpy.  Moody.  Some might even say bitchy. 

Blame it on the raaaainnnn.

Dang Texas storms did this to my parent's house on Sunday morning.
It also caused us to have to run a half marathon in the rain.  Well, almost a half marathon.  It also caused them to shorten the course by .6.  We also had a race delay.  I know, I know.  A race report would be nice.  I'll get to it soon.  I plan on getting my waterproof camera developed tonight.  That means possible race report tomorrow.

Sunday's race was hell for me.  I could not breath.  90% due to being sick.  10% due to the humidity. 

From the first mile I was having issues.

Why the hell am I so hunchbacked?  I might could breath if I stood up straight.
I was definitely the bitchy runner after this race.
Everyone else was talking about how "great" they felt.  How much "fun" they had.  I wanted to slap all of them.  Shut up and get in the car!

So Monday and Tuesday we had temperatures in the 40's.  In Texas.  In May.  Stupid  Thankfully it looks like Spring is returning and the weather is looking better.

Trent and I will be running the Mom Run 5K on Saturday.

This was us at last year's race.

Trent's race plan:  Sprint.  Stop.  Repeat.  It's exhausting to keep up!  I'm trying to talk him into letting me pace us.  We will see what happens.  Last year we got 3rd place in the Mom/Child division for his age group.  He got a trophy and thought that was super cool!

Ahhh, and I'm getting a massage and facial on Saturday afternoon from Cynthia!  I can't wait!  Happy Mother's Day to me.


Last night I had a glass of Reg Guitar Tempranillo.  That is some darn good stuff.  The purple section of the wine cellar is getting low.  I might have to break into the good stuff.  Shhh..don't tell Doug!

Tears of sadness when this happens.
Oh yes, and I get to go on a date Friday night.  Yes, with Doug.  We are going to Empa Mundo for a BYOB wine gathering.  Sounds fun.  Only issue.  They only serve Empanadas.  I do gluten free.  Empanadas are full of gluten.  I'll have wine, and maybe try to sweet talk the chef into whipping me up something special.

One last piece of adivise.  Drop everything and order this book immediatly.

I'm just getting started, but it is greatness. I do believe Dawn is a bitchy runner! 
What is your whine and wine for the week?


  1. Wine will probably be ChocoVine. Only because that's about all I can drink and I'm cheap.

    I don't have an actual whine today which is really weird. Probably because I'm having a great hair day and it's hard to whine when I'm rockin' my mop for once.

  2. Wine = happiness

    Whine = my boyfriend gets wine for me AND him so it makes it easier for him to listen to me bitch

  3. Just tell the chef at Empa Mundo that making sammiches is an inate ability for all women and you'll feel most comfortable staying in the kitchen preparing others' meals.

  4. @Paula - WooHoo! for good hair days. Rock that mop!

  5. @Ali - Exactly! The more wine they drink, the less they care about our bitching. The more wine we drink, the less we bitch. See, its a win, win for everyone!

  6. @Duane - I would be upset if I did not know how giddy you get every Wednesday waiting for the "Whine and Wine Wednesday" post. Now you just need to be an official follower. Be proud to be a Bitchy Runners groupie!

  7. okay now I am glad I did NOT do that race. haha. Tonight we're sipping on New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Oh my how I love this wine!

  8. That book cover looks very much like a couch...