Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drugs and Sweat

Marathon Training Week 4 - Day 2

Today called for 4 miles at race pace (10:00).  It was hotter then a mother.  Humid as a all get out.

Not the most flattering picture ever, but I do love my Champion tops!

Randee looking all toned and chipper.
Randee's hammy started getting angry so we stopped at three miles.  She has a Chiro appointment tomorrow.  We ended up being a little slow, with a 10:20 pace.

This is us dying for the 18th time, and sweating like hookers at confession.
Today was a suck butt day.  Glad it's over.

Monday was much better.  Doug went to the grocery store with me (which is very unusual, but was enjoyable).  He picked up some steaks to grill, and we had the tastiest lunch ever.

Steak, Feta Salad and Garlic Roasted Potatoes.  Oh yes, and don't forget the wine.
While at the grocery store I picked up some Fage yogurt.  Gloria had recommend it to me.

I'm usually not a Greek Yogurt fan, but this stuff is dang good.
Okay, so let's talk about drugs.....or supplements.....or vitamins.  Whatever you want to call them.

While reading skimming these books:

.....I decided on the following supplements.

Green Tea Extract is for increasing the metabolism.  This I need.  I felt a little jittery the first day, but have been fine ever since.  I take one per day in the morning with breakfast.

Glutamine is for muscle recovery.  It suggest you take one 30 minutes before or after a workout.  I have been taking it after weekday runs and before weekend runs.  It seems to be working, no soreness!

Omega 3 Fish Oil has many benefits, including lowering cholesterol and can help improve athletic performance.  I take one a day with breakfast.

I am trying this multivitamin for the first time.  It claims to "bring more energy to life with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and other essential nutrients."  I take one tablet a day with breakfast.

Move Free Advanced is Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM.  This is to help my old achy knees (which have been much better with new shoes by the way.)  I take one tablet a day with breakfast.
Alright, that's all I got.  There were other suggestions, but I opted to start with these.  It already takes me an additional 15 minute to get ready in the morning just opening all those lids and sucking down horse pills.  I'm pretty sure snorting crank would be easier.  Oh well....

I want to know what supplements you take and why.  Do they make you better in bed?  Six foot tall and gorgeous?  Help your dancing skills?  Give you gas?  I want all the goods!  Share away....

Happy Tuesday Night
 I'm off to watch the Mavericks play the first round of the Super Bowl....or something like that.

Oh yeah, and this is your last chance to vote.  Competition ends tonight, and right now were are LOSERS! 

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  1. Dang. Do you carry those around in an old lady pill box.

  2. That Glutamine stuff - I tried it before workouts and runs and don't notice a difference. But my bottle says you can take up to 6 a day, so I would take 2 or 3 a day a week before a long run and then I noticed a difference. Maybe it was a placebo effect, I don't know...but, I did think it worked better having it built up in my system instead of just taking it 30 min prior to working out.

    Speaking of...my long run is this weekend, so thanks for reminding me to take that!

  3. I swear by the Move Free, I take whatever ones require you to take 2 a day after the 2 week "loading" period. I swear that if I stop taking them I feel it when I'm running. I also take the fish oil and a "energy" multivitamin.