Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bitchy Runners Dictionary

Marathon Training Week 3 - Day 2

Today called for 3 miles at race pace (10:00).

Thing 1

Thing 2
It was crazy humid again.  Running and breathing at the same time proved to be nearly impossible.  We eeked out the miles at a 10:06 pace.  Not great, but done.

That was horrible!

I'm sure you wanted a close up of all the sweat.

I dare you to look at this picture and not bust out laughing.

Today we are going to discuss the new found vocabulary we have learned as runners.  Below are a few words that meant something totally different to us before joining the racing cult.  (All "after" definitions below came from this article at RunnersWorld.com)

Chip Time


Noshing down on some potato chips.

A technology for sensing and recording the finishing times of all
the runners in a race. It's much more accurate and can easily deal with
the old problem of many runners finishing nearly at once in a big, crowded
race. The "chip" is a tiny electronic chip that's programmed with your
specific runner identification. You attach the chip to your shoe laces.
It sends a signal to an electronic reading device--often hidden under
a strip of carpet-- when you cross the start line and again when you cross
the finish line. No human observation is necessary. Your exact time is
recorded automatically. Usually you are asked to turn the chip back in
to the race organizers.



Licking my lips after passing gas.

Swedish for "speed play;" variable pace running; a mixture
of slow running, running at a moderate pace and short, fast bursts.
Fartlek training is a "creative way" to increase speed and endurance.



Me working my cougar magic.


Accelerations done during a run, normally done in shorter
durations than fartleks. Pick-ups are simply another way to spice up
what would otherwise be an easy-run day. 



Talia did her's at work.

I did mine while texting.

Brittany just set around in them with her rainbow suite watching Barney.

Ms. Sunshine used her's while cheering on the boys.

Refers to your times at mile markers or other pre-planned
checkpoints along the way to the finish line.



Just my typical Friday Night Duct Tape outfit.

Talia and Randee wore their duct tape to work.

Runners usually cut back mileage (or taper) one day to
three weeks (depending on race distance) before a big race. Tapering
helps muscles rest so that they are ready for peak performance on race



Marathon shopping trips....26.2 bags each.

26.2 miles; According to legend, in 490 B.C., a Greek
soldier name Philippides ran the distance from the site of the battle
of Marathon to Athens, where he died after the Greek victory over the

Moving on....

I ate this for lunch:

Amy's Black Bean Vegetarian soup.  Looks like poop, but taste good.


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Oh yes, and one more thing....

I thought you might enjoy seeing this one more time.

Happy Tuesday!

What new words have you learned since becoming a runner?


  1. The runner's dictionary is freaking hilarious. Made even more so by your mad photoshop skills.

  2. The split pictures = perfection.

    Oh, and I had no clue what a tempo run was until about 6 months ago. I could only think of my ex boyfriend who had a Ford Tempo when we dated. He was a baller. Obviously.

  3. Nice photoshopping! Love the dictionary!

  4. Awesome photos! I really wish one of my friends was training for Chicago. The process would be so fun to share. You guys are awesome!

  5. I didn't know what pronate was. Like pro create?

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