Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dat’s how I roll…

Marathon Training Week 2 - Day 2

Tuesday's call for race day pace.  Today's goal was 3 miles at 10:00.

Please don't notice I'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday.
Good morning...did you see my boobs yet today?
Little Brittany joined us this morning.  She likes to run way ahead of us so we can look at her butt.
We did sprint up on her at the end and she about peed her pants when Randee scared her to death.  Greatness.

The moon was huge and bright this morning.
We averaged 9:44 pace...a little fast...but we had to try and keep up with Brittany!

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We have a guest blogger today!  I'm super excited.

Hello everyone! It’s me, Talia.  Don’t fall out of your seat. Yes, it’s true, I am about to share some awesomeness with you.  I know Angie (along with Randee and Brittany) give me a hard time about my non-sweaty self and how I always run with full makeup.  Let me break this here down on this here blog:

A.  I do sweat.  My body sweats but fortunately, my face doesn’t.  It’s like Lady Gaga says, “I was born this way.” I can’t help it if my face doesn’t sweat! Henceforth, running with makeup on works for me.  I’ve always worn makeup on a daily basis.  I was brought up that way...never leave the house without makeup on.  I went on a run yesterday and took some pics to prove it.    

Yes, I look whack but then again I am running in the heat.
Here is a pic of me with my eyes closed, so you can see that I am wearing eye liner. Heck! You never know who you are going to run into on the trail!

This was the Hottest Half in August.  Texas in August = Hotter than Africa!!
I was not sweating on my face…other places…ha!

B.  Running = Fashion.  Some of you will agree with me, running is a social sport.  You gotta look fly while you attempt to look like you know what you’re doin’! I’ve been known to wear pearls and diamond necklaces to match my outfit on race day.  Gotta look good for the pics!

Designer glasses and hair down…dat’s how I roll.  Before the race anyway!
See…Diamond earring and full makeup. Gotta look good ALWAYS!

C.  Lip balm/Lip gloss: This goes hand in hand with lookin’ fly.  Besides, while you run your lips get dry.  So, I always carry my Luna Lip balm or Lancôme juice tube.  In the cooler temps, I like to run in a vest because they have lots of pockets.  I always run with my lip balm/lip gloss, phone (Yes, sometimes I text during a race), iPod shuffle, GU’s, tampons (if it’s that time of the month).  Now that it’s hotter, I’ve been sporting my spibelt and it’s wicked awesome!

The moral of this story blog is to always look your best when you are running.  If you look and feel great, more than likely you will do great! 

I hope this inspired you to look fly!




  1. Why is everybody always talking about running on this BLOG?
    Nice post TL. I had no clue you were a non-face sweater and I don't understand the other places you do sweat... details plase.

  2. I am so happy someone finally scared Brittany..She loves to scare me and I can't stand it. I told her one day someone would get her back.

    Talia great guest blog...I wished I had the no face sweat issues..not fair

  3. of course I voted for your funny assetts, love you gals, pls remind us to vote again tom.

    Happy running

  4. @Glo...you would have loved it. We got her good!

  5. @Anonymous ASSetts lover....thank you! :)

  6. Tips to look fly have been duly noted.

  7. I challenge Talia to 90 minutes of Bikram yoga! And I'm talking FULL EFFORT! Let's see that face try and stay dry!

  8. I, like Talia, am NOT a face sweater -- but I do sweat everywhere else, including my feet! I feel ya Talia!!

    Completely off topic -- but you guys live in/near Dallas right? I will be traveling there for work (for my new job!) in a few weeks. If you are there and near where I will be - I'd love to meet up! {Lots of ifs. I'll know more next :)}