Saturday, May 14, 2011

Done Son!

Marathon Training Day 6

Today called for 5 slow miles.  Our goal was 11 minute miles, and we were at 10:55 pace.  Pretty much right on.  We ran in Downtown Fort Worth.  We had not been down there in about a month.

Randee was totally unpleasant today....where was her yellow shirt and Little Ms. Sunshine?

Little Brittany was giggly and ready to run.  Young love will do that to you! :)

I'm pretty sure this shadow of a picture is me.
A little stretching and we were off.  Randee and I are still super sore from Jillian on Thursday.  Ridiculous, but true.  The butt and thighs will thank her later.

Brittany is not a fan of our old woman slow pace.  We ate her dust the entire run.

I have not idea what that is, but we pass it every time we run downtown.

I love the view over the long bridge....and the view of Randee's butt.
I always love this point.  The home stretch up Houston street.  It leads to Starbucks!
And my 8000 drinks to celebrate being DONE SON!

Randee was super jealous of my under boob sweat.
Now let's all smile and pretend we like each other.

Alright, now act natural.
 While inside we had a little modeling session.  I'm pretty sure all of the store patrons enjoyed the show.

Little Miss. Palm Tree Head....don't let that smile fool you.
Little Miss. 21.....but oh my gosh look at this.....
.....I jacked this picture off of Gloria's facebook page....look how much weight Brittany has lost!
Look real can see some leg definition down by my ankle.  Sweet!
After many laughs and interesting conversation we headed home.  After showering I jumped on the motorcycle with Doug to go vote.

Um yeah, I don't know what to say about this one.

We vote at the fire station, so I thought I needed to pose by a firetruck.  Why wouldn't ya?
Then I came home and was STARVING.  I tried my Udi bagels...

....with a little of this.....
....and some banana.
Pretty freakin' good!
Now I'm gonna take a nap, so don't disturb me!  I have a girly party to attend this evening!  I need my beauty rest.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Looks like a nice place to run. I think its awesome that you both are training to run a marathon!

  2. I was FAT!Angie did u tell the firefighters about me??? they need to know my name!i had an awesome nap and whole 2 hours!

  3. I totally hit up Starbucks afer a long run too. I usually get a banana orange smoothie and relish in the magical muscle healing powers of the protein, sugar, fat combo!!

  4. Nice job! I've never been to fort worth so I enjoyed the tour :)