Monday, May 30, 2011

Yogurt, Swim, Friends, Repeat

Marathon Training Week 4 - Day 1

Our favorite day of the week...Yogilates.  Today we got crazy and did it outside, by the pool.  It was pretty much perfect.

It was all Randee's idea.  The most brilliant idea she has ever had.

Perhaps that yellow tanktop is a little bright.
The sun came up while we were getting our yoga on.  This was our plan.  There was a nice breeze.  I think we should move our yoga outside every Monday from now on.

My lopsided tree pose.

Umm, yeah.  Let's focus on her impressive quad muscles and ignore her chest thrusting in the air.
Now lets go back to Saturday.....

After our run, Little Brittany and I made a Target run.  We had no problem entertaining ourselves.

We started with the hats.

I think Brittany needs this floppy hat.

Little Brittany was rockin' this purple swimsuit and coverup.

I found the Champion tanks I love....and shorts to match.  Score!

Then we moved on to the patio furniture.  Please ignore the large amount of thigh in your face.

Not sure about his monkey pose, but Britt's legs are sure looking good!

Then back to hats....but these did not fit so well.

The toy section is always loads of fun.
Oh yes, and while we were out we needed a snack.  And man, we found the bombdiggity.

Yogurt Story
A ridiculous amount of yogurt choices.

An even more ridiculous amount of topping choices.

Lots of fresh fruit.
So many decisions to make.

You even get to select your spoon color.
Brittany on the left, me on the right.

We were so excited with our find.

Chuck and Cheri were having a cookout on Saturday afternoon.

This is not Saturday...but this is Chuck and Cheri.
I ate this delish salad with BBQ pulled pork.

They also made crawfish.
Little Brittany was all dolled up....she had a date.
The party migrated over to our backyard for some swimming.  It was crazy hot.

Randee's son Paxton got lost in this bag of Cheetos.

Randee and Brayden cheesing it up by the pool

Gloria, Randee and I were all color coordinated.  Fancy.
Fun night with friends.

Sunday was not much different.

We had a family day by the pool.
Then back to Yogurt Story so the family could give it a try.

The kids thought it was the best place ever.

Then we went to Half Price Books and loaded up on summer reading.  Chuck and Cheri stopped by for more pool time in the evening.  Overall a fantastic weekend.  The best part, we still have another day!  Whoot! 

I'll leave you with this.....

Doug's big ol' head......

.....Do you think it looks like Audrie's filthy face?
I think they really look alike.

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Happy Memorial Day. 
Thanks to Doug and all the other who have served and those currently doing so!


  1. there is a yogurt place in Frisco that took the kids to that is just like that! It was very filling. I couldn't even finish mine and I didn't fill the bowl all the way up.

  2. Too funny -- I texted Paula on Saturday and I said "Look! They have our shirts!" I ALMOST bought the shirt in turquoise, but I passed because I already have 4. Ha ha. I DID buy a pair of shorts like you are wearing (I needed black ones).

    Looks like a great weekend! Audrie is so cute! I think she looks like a good mix of both of you :)

    Oh, when I come to Dallas I will be at the Westin Park Central. Sound familiar? Is it nearby? I will pretty much be at the hotel the whole time for a conference - but I will find time to escape!

  3. Fun! We have a yogurt place here like that, different name. Hmmm...your post may have tipped me into going.

    I love the poolside yoga!