Sunday, May 22, 2011

Slower Than Your Granny

Marathon Training Week 2 - Day 6

Today called for 6 miles. Goodness gracious! 

Little Ms. Sunshine had the brilliant idea for us to run our 6 miles down Green Oaks.
Green Oaks is the hilliest neighborhood in the area.  She doesn't even like to run.  Why in the heck she wanted to run the hills I will never know.  But we went along with her plan.

This was the first hill.  I'm not gonna lie, it sucked.
Then we saw this carved in the sidewalk.  We knew we were on the right path.

Over highway 360 - Six Flags in the background.  Can you tell we are a little sweaty?  I forgot to mention that it was almost 80 degrees with 90% humidity.  I'm not exaggerating.

The second half of the run, the downhill part.

Yeah, we were not very bright.  None of us brought water.  We were dying of thirst.  Randee sipped on this Slurpee trying to hydrate herself.

The downhills were so steep they were even hard.

But dang, we did it!
This is the garmin chart of the elevation (the green line).  Looks like rolling hills to me.
We took a couple of walk breaks.  We took a few pictures.  Our pace was slower than your granny.  But today was about conquering those hills.  Mission accomplished.

Randee is ready to do it again.  Brittany and Talia said never again.  I'm undecided.  Perhaps on a day with a wee bit less humidity.  We all stunk to high heaven when we got done.  Windows down, sunroof open, rolling down the road....on the way to Starbucks!

We did some major hydrating at Starbucks.
Saturday morning I slept in from my late night out celebrating Talia's birthday.  Then we headed out for Trent's piano recital.

He did an awesome job.  Such a little man.

Audrie and I entertaining ourselves waiting for it to start.
Trent loves a buffet.  We went to Furr's Cafeteria.  I thought it was totally disgusting.  He loved it.

You see the couple behind Trent?  That was the average age of most of the patrons.  Granny there would have ran faster than us this morning.

Audrie enjoyed the soft serve ice cream.  It takes talent to build a swirl that tall!
Then last night a couple of Doug's friends from 'back in the day' stopped by for wine and chit chat.  Brad brought his electric guitar.

Trent enjoyed rocking out.
Week three of marathon training starts tomorrow!

The hussy is back...please vote!  We are slipping below 25!

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  1. Is it already week 3?! I haven't even begun yet.

    Rock on Trent!!!!