Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Workout:  By golly, we actually ran 3 miles this morning.  10:15 pace.

Here is your blurry proof.

Yeah, basically we both suck at on the move photography.

I know you wanted a little spandex crotch shot, so here you go.

Randee giving you a little chest action.  Please notice the Nike running skirt some kick butt friend got her (me of course!) at Ross for $7!

Apparently both of us rubbed our faces in vegetable oil before running this morning.
Wow, all of that and we haven't even got to the thrills yet!

Thrill 1:

I need a beach vacation STAT!  Even the disgusting Texas coast will do.

We had a great time at Crystal Beach when were there in November.

I love this picture!

This one was cool enough to make it onto our Christmas card!

Thrill 2:

Snorkeling is fun in Mexico.  I don't recommend snorkeling at the Texas coast.  Yuck!

Snorkeling in Cancun.  I'm the one on the left.  Attractive, I know.
Thrill 3:

I enjoyed my relaxing Whine and Wine Wednesday last night.  I put on a face mask.  Got in my pajamas.  Read blogs.  Oh yes, and drank Riesling.  Doug got home late.  The kids....I'm sure they were fine.  They were playing in the street or something....

Ahh, the good life.
Today is like a quadruple bonus day!  I've got a couple of more pictures to share.

Audrie was super excited about wearing her Mexican dress to her Cinco de Mayo celebration at school today.  Or at least I'm sure she will be as soon as she wakes up.

I ran in my "other" pair of Asics this morning.  I can't remember which type they are, but they are the pair I usually wear for cross training.  They felt pretty good.  You're welcome for the high definition picture of my hairy, pasty legs.
That's all I have for today.  Oh yes, and the waterproof camera pics will be picked up after work today.  Heels and Hills race review tomorrow.  I promise.

Have a Thrilling Thursday!


  1. Crystal Beach, Florida?

    Look, I know you don't know me from Eve, but let's move to the beach, m'kay?

  2. @Jill - my bags are packed, which beach? And Crystal Beach, Texas.