Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lazy Does It

4 weeks to race day!
This is the updated training plan.  Starts tomorrow at 4:30am!
I got home around midnight last night, after being gone since Wednesday morning.  Lazy has been the main theme of the day.

Coffee and facebook in bed was the first order of business.

Then a long bath with this goop on my face.
Doug and I went out to lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary a day early.

Come on Doug, mamma's hungry.
I inhaled about 3/4 of this before Doug got his chopsticks ready.
April 4, 1998
13 years later...

I was not blogging at lunch so Doug was loving me again.
Then we did a quick stop by Costco for some wine.

Hot damn.  Look at all that wine.  The purple section is almost full!
My house is a disaster.  It will just have to wait until tomorrow.  For today I am blogging and drinking wine.

Or I was....

While writing this blog I went to take a drink of my Riesling and there was a bug in my glass.  Boo!

Check out Blond Ponytail's Blog.  She is having a great give-a-way.
Happy Sunday!
Any thoughts on our updated training plan?

Do you like sushi?


  1. Hmmmm... wondering what I can do to get you take *me* on a wine and sushi date. Who needs the hubs. Mine is never home anyway... and he hates sushi.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Alecia and Lesley...we need a bloggers sushi and wine date!

  4. Man! I'm so behind in my blog reading! I don't even know what race you have in 4 weeks! Some sort of half marathon from the looks of it?

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Please tell me you did the right thing and scooped the bug out and drank it anyway.

    Oh, and LOL to taking the camera with you in the bathroom. :-)

  6. If that is your wine fridge I am thoroughly impressed and jealous.

  7. @Laura - We are doing a local half called Hills and Heels. Good thing is that there are no hills and I'm definetly not wearing heels!

  8. @Paula - Well I did dump the wine, but I filled the glass right back up...twice! :)

  9. @Jill - That is our wine fridge. However, I have a very small section that is outlined in purple that my husband allows me to use.Below is a link to a post about it.