Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're Freakin' Famous!

Workout:  Yogilates.  Well, kinda.  My back is still jacked so my form was all to hell.  But I tried.

I'm pretty sure that Oprah will be calling anytime now.  SkinnyRunner would be the running world blog queen.  We were featured as her Cat Lady Blog of the day.  Oh yeah.  Check out all the awesome things she I wrote about us.

Major user error was causing me to not be able to print screen.  So being the genius I am, I took a picture of the screen with my iPhone.  Hence the reason for the crappy quality.
I got this text from Talia and her sexy legs while I was at work.

Focus on today's conversation.  Not us talking about her sexy chicken legs.
Anywho, I was on my way out the door to get my super tight hammies rubbed.

Ahh, the adorable Cynthia and her magic hands.
I really think we should have a girls night out at Cynthia's shop.  Massages and facials for everyone.  Heck, we could even get drunk and all do Brazilian bikini waxes on each other!
My rub down was marvelous.  The hammies are still tight, but do feel better.

Then it was off to pick up the little people from school.

All this construction was messing with my relaxation.
The kids were in great moods.

I'm sure she was saying "Mom you're super cool."
Trent thought it was Christmas when he got to the front door and found this....

The new Nerds book.
He keeps trying to read the book to me out loud.  "Mom this is seriously the best book ever."  Um, I'm sure it is.  But your mom is kinda famous now and has a very important blog post to write.

Blogging snack of champions.  Nut Thins.  Havarti cheese.  Broccoli.  Tomatoes.  Sausage.  Hummus.  Riesling.
I really did eat more then one cheery tomato and one spear of broccoli.  I thought I was starving to death and sucked down half the plate before I stopped to take a picture.  That was also a new container of hummus.  Don't judge.  It's normal to eat one entire container a night.

What the hell ever happed to Randee you ask?

She is at home bitchin' about something I'm sure.
I called to tell her we were famous.  She has even agreed to make a guest appearance on the blog again sometime soon.  I refuse to let her quit running.  She will run with me.  And she will like it.

That's all I got for today.  Tune in tomorrow for Whine and Wine Wednesday.  I got tons to whine about.  Oh, and of course there will be wine!  The purple section is stocked and ready to go.  I think a good night of foam rolling and sippin' wine sounds fun.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hey there! Came over from SR - girl - you are stinkin' funny! Hope the hammie/back situation gets better for you - I am dealing with lower back/itb a little myself right now - anything over 7 miles starts to aggravate it! Are you on daily mile? I'm a new follower now - so no pressure - you need to make me laugh with each post. ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!! I saw your gorgeous faces on SR today! Yay!!

    your blog title is hilarious! "Drink run bitch"! ha ha!!

  3. Yay for being famous :) I was so excited when I saw you guys!!

    Lol on your son. Your kids are so cute!

  4. I'm so jealous of your massage! My calves are SO sore from this weekend. My husband is calling me and old lady because I'm walking around funny. Congrats on your stardom!

  5. OMG!!! Can I have your autograph?! And stop all this nice, lovey sh#$ that you've pulling lately!

  6. @Kelly - glad to you have you on the blog! I do post our info on daily mile. But I'm kinda clueless how to tell you how to find us there!

  7. @Jess - I visit your blog regularly! Your husband's guest blog helped me convince my hubby to do the same!


  8. @Michelle - I'm thinking that SR is how I found you....were you a Cat Lady?

  9. @Laura - Do you have any compression socks? Those help me a lot with soreness...especially the calves!

  10. @Alecia - Have I been too nice lately? Wait, I'm always nice. What are you talking about?

  11. Hi! I love your blog!! Congratulations on being famous now.:) I love to run and drink wine too! Great blog!

  12. I saw your blog on skinny runner today..are you two in Chicago!?! I love finding other Chi town bloggers!

  13. @Ashley - No we are in Texas. However, we are training for the Chicago marathon.